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SBNBA Theme Day: Bring Back A Legend. Or Nik Vucevic.

The Sixers have a lot of people who they could bring back. The majority don't make sense.


For the final time this off-season (you did know training camps start, like, next week right?), SB Nation's NBA squad is putting together a theme day. This time, it's "Bring 'Em Back" day, which means we could pick anyone who previously worked for the franchise and bring them back into the fold.

So I had some ideas. Most of them are bad.

I originally thought about bringing back a favorite of ours - bring back Steve Mix into our lives as a commentator on local television. The Marc Zumoff-Mix duo provided great insight, especially when things were going well. But the Zumoff-Malik Rose duo has maybe more potential than that pairing, and so with that I can't pull the trigger.

Dave suggested bringing back the entire 1983 Sixers team, though the players being anywhere between the ages of 50 and 62 would probably limit their impact. But I've never seen this much veteran leadership! I bet Moses could still box anyone out, though. And the Good Doctor can certainly still throw it down. They might actually increase our win total - that would be bad.

Hip-Hop gosh why did I even type that what is wrong with me?

We already brought Matt Cord back, otherwise that was my next choice. While his near-iconic calls were missed during that one year where he wasn't the PA announcer - my personal favorite is the 7-second LOUUUUUUUU! over the daladaladala - this year he'll be challenged by having to entertain a crowd that gets to watch MCW shoot a lot.

We could bring back blog friend Adam Aron! He got fired this summer, only to come back from Africa and explain that he wasn't fired, and then he got "reassigned". That was confusing. But still: confetti! And Big Bertha! B. Franklin Dogg! Pregame ceremonies! REAL HOT FIRE! Yeah!

Okay, maybe not. For one, he abandoned his Twitter account (@SixersCEOAdam) - the account has now been swiped by the guy who bought a row of Sixers tickets last year on StubHub for $0.72 and taunted Aron about it - and that was the source of half of his hilarity. Second, the Sixers want to not be seen as a laughingstock off the court, and as well-intentioned as Aron always was, the franchise was often seen that way with him in charge of marketing.

And third, remember the Constitution Center press conference carnival? Yeah, we need to move on from that.

So we're left with precious few options, here. Most of the players we'd want to bring back have gotten older and wouldn't be willing to dive underwater. I'd love to see Andre Iguodala in a Sixers uniform again, but he's still too good. Elton Brand too. Allen Iverson's time has passed more than once. There's few options that make sense given the team's new direction.

It came down to two options for me, and both were sent away in the same deal: (How could you be) Moe Harkless and Nikola Vucevic (aka "Mr. Should Of Kept"). While neither looks to be a franchise-changer, both look to have promising careers in Orlando among a group of similarly young players. Both were traded away for nothing but a series of cold memories. Also traveling with them were future first rounders we almost certainly will get to keep, because losing.

I would be fine with bringing either back, and neither would hurt the teams win total, and both would fill current roster needs. The Sixers wing situation is blah, with Evan Turner leading a group filled with castoffs and rookies. The Sixers big situation is a bit saturated, with vets like Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen fighting for playing time with kids like Nerlens Noel. Both spots could use some help.

In the end, and in all seriousness, I would take Vooch back. While he'll never been a good defender, his decent jumper and low post game, along with his dominant rebounding, will probably be more valuable than whatever Harkless brings (which I fear will be the defensive game of a wing but the offensive limitations of most bigs).

And people can stop saying "should of kept", because we'd have him back. That might be the most rewarding aspect of it all.

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