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Sixers Sign Lakers Free Agent Darius Morris, Who Is Not Chris Duhon

I can exclusively confirm that Darius Morris is not Chris Duhon.

Leading the league in players that could wear #1.
Leading the league in players that could wear #1.

After rumors that the Sixers were deciding between backup point guards/bench grumpies/tank associates Rodrigue Beaubois, Boobie Gibson, and Chris Duhonreports are coming in that the Sixers have decided on Not Chris Duhon! More traditionally, he's called Darius Morris, 22-year-old former Michigan guard who has spent the last two seasons dancing around with the Lakers.

He's a skinny 6'4, should-be-left-handed-but-I-just-discovered-he's-righty point guard with some modicum of untapped potential. He has miraculously made over 37% of his three-pointers in the NBA, but since that's only after 75 shots, A quick look at his college statistics (22% on 103 shots) tells me that he's probably better at catch-and-shoot opportunities via the drive-and-kick the Sixers will likely utilize -- at Michigan, he had to create mostly for himself.

His contract is partially guaranteed, but with the WELCOME TO DEARTH of real point guards on this team, even a slightly real point guard like Morris is almost a lock to stick here. This gives Brett Brown and Michael Carter-Williams a backup with decent enough court vision and okay handles. Mostly just youth, though.

Another Hinkie buy-low move. The roster spots are piling up, even with the partially guaranteed guys, Nothing in stone, but if I had to guess, I'd say this means LB pre-favorite Arsalan Kazemi will start his Sixers career overseas.

Player development. Mind the doves.

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