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Coaches... Assemble! Brett Brown adds Chad Iske to Sixers Staff

Will braid Lloyd Pierce's hair while Lloyd braids Brett's.

The handsome gentleman on the left!
The handsome gentleman on the left!
Doug Pensinger

We are approaching levels of trust only previously reserved for Christopher Nolan, JK Rowling, and my bubby. Everything the Sixers are doing, though not Earth-shattering for the most part, has me nodding and slobbering along like a loyal lapdog waiting for a chew toy. And so it is with the next seat on Brett Brown's bench -- former Nuggets assistant Chad Iske is joining the Sixers Flying V coaching staff.

A KU grad (WIGGINS/SELDEN/EMBIID THO), Iske has been working in the Denver Nuggets organization since he was 23. Now, thirteen years later, he's got five years of assistanting beside George Karl under his belt will hang out with Brett Brown and Lloyd Pierce as the Sixers lose 65 games this season.

He's never played in college or the NBA (HACK), but is still seen as a player development guy, which is now officially the most bandied-about phrase used by the mainstream Sixers media since some combination of Doug Collins and "pride." The Sixers now have a coaching staff who as worked under Karl, Gregg Popovich, Lionel Hollins, and Mike Brown. Not bad. Can't wait for our assistants to be coveted by other head coaching openings.

No, it's not the most important hire in the world, but as the Sixers continue doing everything right, I'll be next to them lapping from my bowl and growling at naysayers. Can you believe Doug Collins was coaching the Sixers just four months ago? We are entering the golden era, kids.

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