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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: All Sevens Everything

Best and worst wedding songs ever, an update on Royce White, and more Delaware Sevens' coverage than you can shake a stick at. Training camp can't get here soon enough.

This man just drafted 16 players that most people have never heard of. And we're excited about it.
This man just drafted 16 players that most people have never heard of. And we're excited about it.

This actually happened.

Props to Udonis Haslem for convincing his new bride to agree to this - 97% of men wouldn't even attempt to broach the subject with their intended.

But it got me to thinking... if the average groom had complete creative control over the wedding recessional music, what would be the ideal choice? Of course, music is largely a subjective form of art, but here are a few suggestions:

Hip Hop Hooray - Naughty By Nature

Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind

This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan

Let's Go Crazy - Prince

Rock and Roll Part 2 - Gary Glitter

The D-Generation X Theme Song - WWE/WWF

And then, there's the worst song anyone could ever pick for their wedding. Cover your ears, kids.



Hinkie Translated: If Royce White is down to travel to a significant portion of the games, then he'll figure into our plans next season. If not, then he won't.

To his credit, White has repeatedly stated on his Twitter page that he's willing to fly this season, though saying that in the summer and doing so as part of the team's Disney on Ice road trip in December are two different things.

Are we (fans, the media) spending far too much time discussing a player who, even if he does play, doesn't figure to have a marked impact on the team? Probably. But it's the offseason... what else are we going to write about? Mixtapes? Oh, wait...

If nothing else, I'd like to see Royce White on the Delaware Sevens so that we can talk about our mutual admiration for Allen Stone.


Confession Sunday: We here at Liberty Ballers are far too excited about the Delaware Sevens. How do you know it's the summer? Because we posted TWO pieces about a semi-pro basketball team in the span of 15 hours.

Last Thursday, Dave Rueter wrote a piece about the 16 players that the Sevens selected in the D-League Expansion Draft (which I would have watched had they shown it on NBA TV, and/or ESPN3 - I'm not gonna lie). The following morning, Mike Levin went hard in the paint for guys such as Darington Hobson, Jerome Randle and Reeves Nelson. And I may or may not have searched for driving directions from my house to the Bob Carpenter Center (1 hour without traffic).

Considering the fact that I couldn't find an article about this expansion draft on any other Sixers-centric blog, I can confidently say that Liberty Ballers is the industry leader in Delaware Sevens' coverage. And here, some of you thought that we only did movie reviews...


Spencer Hawes' facial expression in this tweet matches my facial expression whenever I have to watch Spencer Hawes play.

He's probably upset that he got caught in a rainstorm (but not troubled enough to dissuade himself from taking a selfie), but that picture could mean a thousand different things:

- This is my reaction when people ask me whether or not Tracy McGrady belongs in the Hall of Fame.
- Grantland not including Outkast's "B.O.B." on its list of the top 64 songs of the millennium is an outright travesty.
- Why hasn't Evan Turner updated his page in 16 days?
- Is James Anderson really going to be our starting shooting guard next year? I shoot better than him. No, seriously... I do.
- I missed the Dipset concert at UW this year. This is my sad face.
- So instead of trading Michael Young at the deadline & getting $5 million plus a prospect back from the Yankees, the Phillies traded him to the Dodgers & paid part of his salary? Thanks, Ruben. Thanks, Obama.

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