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Sixers Coaching Update! Second Round Interviews Begin This Week

A coaching search more wide-ranging than MLB's pursuit of Biogenesis-related players might end soon. Emphasis on might.

Kenny Atkinson would at least make a wonderful human buffer.
Kenny Atkinson would at least make a wonderful human buffer.
Kevin C. Cox

Adrian Wojnarowski dropped yet another #WojBomb on us, because why not?

Several head-coaching candidates will meet with Philadelphia 76ers ownership in New York this week in a second round of interviews, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Four assistant coaches - Atlanta's Kenny Atkinson, San Antonio's Brett Brown, Chicago's Adrian Griffin and Boston's Jay Larranaga - are scheduled to meet with, Sixers managing partners Josh Harris and David Blitzer, among other team officials, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Another assistant coach, Portland's David Vanterpool, is still a possible candidate to join the group in New York, sources said.

Michael Curry, a holdover on the staff of ex-head coach Doug Collins, is considered a candidate for the job too.

So, no breaking news here. All these names had been linked to the Sixers previously, and we had brief write-ups on each of them.

Atkinson, Brown, Griffin, Larranaga, Vanterpool, Curry

Also, for a more in-depth look at two finalists, here's Rich Hofmann's excellent posts on Curry and Brown.

If anything, this is only delaying Adrian Wojnarowski's summer vacation. He's a machine. But some things to keep in mind:

  • These all being second round interviews, this must mean the Sixers are done looking at new candidates. So in all likelihood, one of the six guys mentioned above will be our new head coach.
  • Josh Harris will be involved in the decision. He was not involved in the wide-ranging coaching search.
  • The trade for he-who-must-not-be-named happened on August 9th last year. So it's not *that* late.
  • The coach the Sixers hire will be expected to lose early. It's possible that some candidates will back out because of the dangers in losing games early in a coaching career. Curry may be a backup option, one contractually obligated to stay here, who might take the job for a raise and bite the rebuilding/tanking bullet.
Okay, that was (not that) fun. Resume other, more interesting offseason activities. Like summer.

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