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Future Sixers and Former Sixers Collide on SBNBA Top 100

Lists are fun, but ripping on people for their lists is even MORE FUN.

Not #1, Jrue.
Not #1, Jrue.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Some good gentlemen at SB Nation NBA -- Paul Flannery, Mike Prada, Ricky O'Donnell, Tom Ziller, Conrad Kaczmarek -- did a future rankings for the 2017 NBA season. Some Sixers made the list! Hey, Sixers! Some former Sixers made the list. And I gave commentary on 'em because no one else cares about the Sixers. Not even you, person who is reading this.

Here's the full article, and I'll pull our Sixers snips below.

82. Andrew Bynum
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Bynum is a raffle. If you win, you win. If you don't, you lose. He's either Top 15 or he's nowhere. Can't split the difference with these arthritic knees.

66. Thaddeus Young
Thad's a doll. He won't be in Philly much longer -- good for him! -- but he's one of the best role players in the league. He's working on his jumper this offseason, which would open a lot more up for him.

25. Nerlens Noel (!!!)
This is happily generous for President Flat Top. He certainly has the ability and the opportunity to develop as a stud in Philly. This ranking suggests a more versatile Tyson Chandler, which I'd love.

23. Jrue Holiday (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Jrue getting an opportunity to play with a legitimate big man in Anthony Davis and a stud shooter in Ryan Anderson will do wonders for him. He's one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, and without so much responsibility on offense, he'll become more efficient in New Orleans. This ranking reflects that optimism.

I think I object to Michael Carter-Williams not being there at all. I don't know for sure and I certainly didn't expect these fellas to list him, but I think he's a Top 100 player by '17. Blame it on the Hinkie Juice and all, but yeah.

Things I don't like and for you to disagree with:

-- NO ANDRE IGUODALA?!?!?!!?!?!?

-- Dion Waiters at 73? Pshaw.


-- Joakim Noah actually seems pretty low at 62 at age 32. Buy low, Wall Street.

-- I think Dwyane Wade will be out of the league by 2017, they have him at 60.


-- Brief pause to recognize Chandler Parsons at 54. Hugs all around.

-- John Henson at 45? Did Jordan Sams make this pick?

-- Tobias Harris being picked at 41 is hysterical. HY-STERICAL.

-- Anthony Bennett NOT RANKED first overall is a direct affront to everything I stand for.

-- Nobody loves Kawhi Leonard more than me, but 24 for him is too high.


I won't spoil the rest for you. Debate!

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