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Spencer Hawes, Scoring Machine, Pours in 58 in Jamal Crawford Pro Am

Damien Wilkins would've scored 59.


Not following team protocol to start the tanking process in the offseason, Spencer Hawes dropped 58 points and 17 rebounds in the Jamal Crawford Pro Am yesterday in Seattle.  That's reportedly the most of any NBA player this offseason, though I bet Monta Ellis came close playing against himself in his driveway. Spence did it on 30 shots from the field and 22 (!!!) free throws. All we have for proof is this extensive video, so I'm skeptical.

Here's what we don't know:

-- if there's anyone over 6'3 trying to guard him

-- if Doug Collins was or was not on the sidelines yelling obscenities at him.

-- if Evan Turner knows we came up with Wight Howard last year.

-- if Spencer will be spending the night on my couch anytime soon.

-- if this will honestly make him more appealing to potential trade partners.

-- if Sam Hinkie isn't on his back porch counting his second rounders and sipping from a cold glass of lemonade.

Take that, everyone who said the Sixers aren't going to score more than 73 points per game this season. With Spencer averaging 58, they should get to at least 75.

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