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Dorell Wright Signs Free Agent Deal with Blazers

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If the Sixers were planning on winning this year, Dorell would've been perfect. Alas.

"Any way you can just get the fuck out of my face?"
"Any way you can just get the fuck out of my face?"
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This is actually the first 2012-13 Sixer has signed elsewhere. Good to know that somebody made it out alive. Dorell Wright, he of the Doughouse (TM), signed a two-year deal with the Portland Trail Blazers worth $6M. That's actually less than I thought he'd get -- a bunch of teams, including my Cavs, were bidding on him. Guess he liked the sitch in Portland more. Or maybe he's big into the music vegan scene up there.

Dorell is primarily an outside shooter, but he won't kill you in other areas. He actually ran some point this year when Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday were out. He's not a liability on the boards or on defense. He's got pump fakes for days and he's not particularly fast, but for a role player, Wright's the guy you want. Doug Collins, however, decided he was too efficient and benched him for many stretches at a time in favor Damien Wilkins or his ego. I forget which.

Portland is I think trying to win this year? Wright joins a crowded wing rotation with Nic Batum, Wes Matthews, Will Barton, and the recently drafted Allen Crabbe (who basically mirrors Dorell) and CJ McCollum, if they plan to play him at the two. They've still got LaMarcus Aldridge and recently traded for Robin Lopez as they continue to groom Boardwalk Empire character Meyers Leonard.

Good luck in Portland, Dorell. Sorry about Doug. He's a prick.