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Dwight Howard Trade: Sixers in Talks with Golden State for Biedrins, Jefferson Salary Dumps

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Your 2013-14 Philadelphia 76ers: Trash Collectors.

We could get one of these guys!
We could get one of these guys!

We alluded to it this morning, but this Woj tweet makes it more official. The Sixers are heavily involved in taking on Golden State's expensive trash so they can clear up space to acquire Lakers waffler Dwight Howard. Whether that's Andris Biedrins or Richard Jefferson (or to a much lesser extent, Andrew Bogut) remains to be seen. Nipping Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson is also a possibility, though I'd guess an unlikely one.

Guessing, but the Sixers seem less likely to demand the inclusion of Barnes or Klay in the trade -- a pick or two would do the trick. We're hearing it's an unprotected first. The Warriors don't have their second-rounders in 2014 or 2015, but they're all clear in the first round department. Expect one of Spencer Hawes or Jason Richardson or, to a slightly more tanky extent, Thaddeus Young to be involved in any trade going back to Golden State.

I'm less worried about Cleveland than Utah. Cleveland doesn't seem like they'd be quite as willing to take on the Warriors' dumpings as they try to make a run at the playoffs. The Jazz have an obscene amount of cap space next season. They can take on so much. But the Sixers have that Jrue Holiday trade exception in their pocket and, as Derek wrote, they'll be able to use that to take on significantly more salary than they give away.

Even if GS isn't in the Dwight running, they're also talking about clearing space to sign old friend Andre Iguodala. If anybody so much as whispers Andrew Bynum's name I will personally cut out your manhood and feed it to the goats.

I trust Sam Hinkie more than any other person in the world. Sorry, Mom.

Let's get big, Sam.