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Spencer Hawes Fined by NBA for Unsanctioned Washington Alumni Game

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I'm sorry, I thought this was America.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I've made it a point to repeat my stance on Spencer Hawes as much as possible. Hawes The Player is insufferable and disease-ridden. Hawes The Human is excellent and fun as hell to read about. Not his fault the Sixers offered him that contract, so we really should try being less turdy towards him.

It majorly bums me out that the NBA saw fit to fine ol' Spence for playing in an alumni game with other University of Washington grads before the CBA-mandated July 1st date in which players can play wherever they want. Also fined were fellow Dawgs Isaiah Thomas, Quincy Pondexter, Tony Wroten, and maybe Nate Robinson and Terrence Ross. No word yet on Justin Dentmon, Justin Holiday, Jon Brockman, Venoy Overton, or other UW players I like to brag about remembering.

That's pretty douchey of you, NBA. They played an alumni game. It's not like they're playing for a rival league or in the middle of the highway or something. UW coach Lorenzo Romar organized the game. The $15K fine is a drop in the bucket for these guys, but come on. Just because it's unsanctioned, you're gonna act all butthurt about it?

Come on, NBA. Really? I mean just, come on. Get over it. Like seriously, get over it. Come on. We got your back, Spence.

Pour one out for Spencer's 15K American Flag Bed he'll never be able to buy now. Amurrica.