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Sixers CEO Scott O'Neil Apologizes to Fans for Andrew Bynum Because Radio

(missing you, Adam)

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

There's not much brain power at work in this story, so I'm not going to expend much of mine here. Feel free to react accordingly, because this story about the Most Angelo Cataldi personality in Philadelphia, Angelo Cataldi, making Sixers CEO Scott O'Neil apologize to fans on the radio for the Andrew Bynum fiasco.

That's right. The guy who just started with the Sixers a few weeks ago. I'm not going into the synaptic specifics because they don't exist. This is taking the people that make up the lowest common denominator and appealing to the lowest common denominator among those people. This is sports talk radio.

For his part, O'Neil did a hell of a job responding. I haven't listened to it because I value my inner ear, but here's the important text from the homeboy Spike Eskin:

We’re going to take some chance when we can take some chances, and sometimes they’re not going to work. And sometimes they are. When they don’t work, the last thing—we’re not going to ever talk about a player negatively. That’s doesn’t help us, or the franchise, or the fans. It doesn’t help us recruit, it doesn’t help go out and grab free agents, it doesn’t help us when we’re evaluating talent, it doesn’t help us when we’re talking to coaches—it just doesn’t help.

We’re going to be very positively publicly, as we always were, but if there is ever a chance where we slip or we fall down, we’ll stand up and say either ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘hey it didn’t work out, we made a mistake’. And that’s OK, that’s life, but I’d rather push us to the limit and take some chances because if you’re afraid to make mistakes you’re never going to be great as a franchise."

He was also asked the inevitable coach question, to which he responded with the so-obvious-the-questioner-should-be-forced-drink-their-own-pee-and-spit-it-into-the-air-so-it-can-land-on-their-face-and-in-their-eyes-and-stuff answer: "Wouldn't you rather have the right guy than the guy we can get tomorrow?" Goddammit, media blowhards, could you stop blowing so hard for like a minute?

Not sure why O'Neil would subject himself to Howard and Angelo in such a short span, but welcome to the city, Scott.