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Nerlens Noel Number: Will Wear #4 with Sixers

I kinda wish the back of his jersey would say "Nerlens" for the sake of Nerlensness.


Nerlens Noel is being introduced to the Sixers media in a press conference at the moment. It's not quite as flowery and Adam Aron-y as the last big man press conference the Sixers had a year ago. But it's awesome. We'll have more on it later. For now, we've got information that Nerlens will be wearing #4 for the Sixers. It seems someone finally let him know Arnett Moultrie is a person and a person who already wears #5 for the Sixers, at that. We forget about him too, Nerl.

May as well hang his jersey in the rafters right now. It's over. He's already at the peak of his FLAT TOP GAME, which is just as important as basketball ability. I don't need to see anything else before cementing him as the most important player in Sixers history.

Noel joins these other Sixers who have worn #4 with the team:

Dolph Schayes (1950-1964) - Not Lundgren.
Ray Corley (1950) - Shot 31.6% from the field. Nice work.
Marlon Redmond (1979) - Not a Wayans Brother
Clint Richardson (1980-1985) - Not that Cliff Robinson
Cliff Robinson (1987-1988) - Not that Cliff Robinson
Andre Turner (1991) - The spiritual predecessor to Iguodala and Evan Turner
Sharone Wright (1995-1996) - !!!!!!!!1111111111
Michael Cage (1997) - His brother, Nicolas, had much more potential
Rick Mahorn (1999) - BUMP AND THUMP
Pepe Sanchez (2001) - Not Lynn Greer
Keith Van Horn (2003) - High socks 4ever
Chris Webber (2005-2007) - GOD WE HAD HIS SHELL FOR THREE YEARS
Andre Iguodala (2005) - Jordan wearing the 4-5.
Kareem Rush (2009) - Like, I still believe
Tony Battie (2011-2012) - GOD WE HAD HIM FOR TWO YEARS
Dorell Wright (2013) - missin u


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