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Royce White on Fear of Flying, Relationship with Sixers

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Big tip of the hat to bridgecoach in the fanposts for bringing this to our attention.

hi chandler
hi chandler
Scott Halleran

It seems like you're not allowed to write about Royce White without some variation of the word "enigma." One time I tried to do it and Sean Connery from Finding Forrester rammed a pair of scissors into my kidney. So: Enigma. There you go, William. Here's Royce in visual form talking to Huffington Post about Trayvon Martin, his anxiety, and a bit about the Sixers.

First impressions: Wow, can this dude articulate. He comes off differently on Twitter (read: much, much worse) and that's definitely to his detriment when people are assessing his character. But watching this, I couldn't help but marvel at what a tremendously well-spoken individual he is.

Royce's flying phobia has been reported wide and far, but it seems like the internet titlemakers cut corners in the interest of brevity. He does not refuse to fly to games. He just refuses to do it every time. That's not unreasonable for someone with his level of anxiety. Between home games and bus-friendly road games, there's a much more manageable number of flights Royce would have to endure next season if the Sixers are willing to compromise.

And it sounds like they are:

They've already told me they're willing to be very flexible with me and very accommodating. I've known Sam since I was in Houston and he's a great guy.

I know the popular word is that Hinkie made the Royce White trade for the Turkish rights to Turkish Furkan Aldemir, but I can't help but think (or hope?) that Royce has a part to play in this Sixers Revolution. I'm really pulling for it, at least.

Meanwhile, the Hinkie/Morey hand-me-down party continues, as James Anderson and Tim Ohlbrecht were just claimed off waivers from Houston. Rockets East, y'all. Hinkie Love.

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