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Orlando Summer League Final Game: Sixers vs Nets Game Thread

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Welcome to the Toilet Bowl.


Today marks the last day (Championship day) of the Orlando Summer League. It's a sad one, much like the last day of summer camp with your friends. Nevertheless, the Sixers have a job to do, and that's to take on the only team that fared worse than themselves in SL action. Ladies and gentleman, I give you: the Brooklyn Nets.

Both teams are winless (0-4). Who will reign supreme? Answer: We will. The game is so good that they're not going to televise it. Stick around for the thread where we predict how many feet the Sixers' jumpers missed by.

What to watch for guess about: Let's all just enjoy the last game we're actually (maybe?) rooting for the Sixers to win. Oh and keep an eye on Michael Carter-Williams, Arsalan Kazemi, and Arnett Moultrie. Try not to look directly into the PLUMLEE.

As a reminder, here's a look at the Sixers SL roster.

1 Michael Carter-Williams PG 6-06 185 Syracuse
0 D.J. Cooper PG 6-00 176 Ohio
51 Micheal Eric C 6-11 240 Canton Charge (NBA D-League)
8 Justin Holiday SG 6-06 185 Philadelphia 76ers
14 Arsalan Kazemi PF 6-07 226 Oregon
20 Travis Leslie SG 6-04 205 Santa Cruz Warriors (NBA D-League)
44 Zeke Marshall C 7-00 235 Akron
35 Trevor Mbakwe PF 6-08 245 Minnesota
25 Brock Motum PF 6-09 228 Washington St.
5 Arnett Moultrie PF 6-10 245 Philadelphia 76ers
43 James Southerland SF 6-08 210 Syracuse
31 Rodney Williams SG 6-04 205 Minnesota
4 Khalif Wyatt SG 6-04 215 Temple

Watch the game live on NBATV at 4 PM EST and discuss it here!

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