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Sam Hinkie Discusses Draft Picks, Trades, Coaches, and More

Sam Hinkie sat at the announcer's table for a segment during the Sixers-Magic game yesterday. Here are the highlights.

Sam Hinkie and his draftees.
Sam Hinkie and his draftees.

Sam Hinkie probably wouldn't make a good color analyst. He's a bit monotone, and he seems to keep everything in perspective unlike most announcers. You could say he lacks color. I could imagine Rick Kamla screaming at the top of his lungs after an acrobatic play by Khalif Wyatt or someone and cutting to Hinkie noting that he has to get back on defense, or something.

So suffice it to say that he appeals almost solely to basketball nerds like me (and likely you, since you are reading this). And luckily for us nerds that hang on Sam Hinkie's every movement, Hinkie took some time during the Sixers-Magic game to talk to NBA TV announcers Vince Cellini and Dennis Scott during about a 4 minute segment while the game went on. Here are the highlights:

On the current roster:

"We're open. We need to continue to add talent to our team."

"We're looking to add a bunch of players who work hard and want to win."

On Arsalan Kazemi:

"He's a lunch pail type of guy. He has active hands."

"(Kazemi) is not our most talented player here, or at the Wells Fargo Center, but I hope he's indicative of the kind of player we want or the spirit we want."

On the draft day trades:

"The charter that I've been given by Josh Harris and our ownership group is to build something special in Philadelphia, and we're willing to do what we think is right to make it happen."

"It's just the right thing to do."

On the coaching search:

"I'm a pretty methodical guy, by nature. We're following a process."

"I'm focused on finding the right coach. When we find the right coach, we'll announce it."

When coaches are rumored to be involved with the Sixers: "we're not going to confirm or deny" - seemed like he called out agents for the leaks, essentially saying that he doesn't really care about them.

On Michael Curry's coaching of the summer league team:

"I think he's done really well."

"He's done a good job keeping (our rookies) focused and ready."

On Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner:

"When there's change, there's opportunity." He later explained that their roles should be different next season than last in whatever system the Sixers choose to run, and that "the cream will rise to the top" when it comes to incumbents versus the new guys.

On Michael Carter-Williams's shooting struggles:

"I think (shooting) is something you can get better at. Getting better is on him."

"If you're willing to work at it and be coachable, you can get better. You can get better by being in the gym, in the summer... an empty gym alone or an empty gym with someone rebounding for you."

"We joked that (Carter-Williams) was closer to hitting his two half court shots than (a normal 3-pointer.)"

On the (lack of) patience in Philadelphia:

"I've been warned (laughs). In a strange way, I kind of welcome that."

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