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Andrew Bynum Signs With The Cavaliers

And lo, the Bynum era in Philly ends before it ever really got started.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As first reported by Chris Broussard, Andrew Bynum has taken his talents to Cleveland, the city under construction since 1868:

The Cavs have enough cap space to sign Bynum without going through a sign-and-trade scenario with the Sixers. The $6 millon guaranteed is much lower than most expected going into this deal, which means that teams must be significantly concerned with Bynum's future health. It also doesn't help that Bynum refused to work out for teams, despite his going through rehab.

The Cavs now take the gamble the Sixers took last year, albeit with much smaller risk. If Bynum doesn't work out, the Cavs can retain their cap room for next year's free agent bonanza.

As for the Sixers, well, we lost out on another opportunity to get something, but it's not a major deal. Once Hinkie pulled the plug on the franchise's past with the Holiday/Noel deal (which should be official soon, if not already), any Bynum return had been completely ruled out, capping off possibly the most disappointing season in Sixers history.

Luckily, things are looking up now, and we can move on from the Bynum mess for good knowing we're in a good place with a great front office and some real optimism. He's moved on. So have we.

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