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Sixers Coaching Search: Probably After the NBA Draft

If you've been holding your breath this whole time, good for you!

George Karl doing Q-Rich celebration.
George Karl doing Q-Rich celebration.

Those among us who are either bored or impatient or anxious to get started on hating/loving the fellow who Sam Hinkie decides is worthy to coach his current pile of turds: I'm sorry. You likely won't be getting one any time soon. As the saying goes, "If I'm not back in five minutes... just wait longer."

One Houston-based source said Hinkie "will probably find a coach after the draft." The source also said that Hinkie believes that the coach "is secondary in the process because [Hinkie] will have an idea of what type of players" the Sixers will need to select.

I know it's sort of frustrating to not know who the coach is, but you couldn't construct a sentence as perfect as this one to tickle my excitement bone. Sam Hinkie is the round peg I've been waiting my whole life to put into my round hole. And I see nothing wrong with THAT sentence either.

Hinkie knows the coach is secondary to the talent on the team. That's excellent. He doesn't want a coach who's going to shove his face in the personnel elements. He doesn't want a coach tugging at his shirt sleeve asking for a player who can help them win now. Hinkie is fully aware of the level of talent the Sixers have -- better: don't have -- on this roster. And he's going to turn it into something before he worries about the coach who will help them win 25 games.

The source also said Hinkie would probably not be interested in hiring recently fired Denver Nuggets coach George Karl. Karl, 62, one source said, is a great coach, but Hinkie "would probably be more interested in a younger coach" who will grow with a relatively young team.

A knife through butter, guys. Warm, soft butter.

I think I may be Sam Hinkie.

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