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ESPN: David Fizdale, Melvin Hunt on the Sixers coaching search radar

Two new names in the Sixers coaching search.

Melvin Hunt has two key coaching skills: pointing and yelling!
Melvin Hunt has two key coaching skills: pointing and yelling!
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get right to it. Yet again, new names have emerged in the Sixers tireless* coaching search.

*As I imagine some of you are, I'm getting bored and impatient. I don't mind them taking their time if they feel need it, though, so I'll deal.

I spent time last week recapping the Sixers search. The Sixers don't appear to be any closer to making a hire, but there are some intriguing candidates out there.

Both David Fizdale and Melvin Hunt fit the ideal mold the Sixers could be looking for. They are young(ish), would-be first time NBA head coaches that could grow with the team.

Fizdale is currently an assistant for the Miami Heat (you may have heard of them), where he is responsible for "assisting in the areas of player development, scouting, game preparation and other duties assigned by Head Coach Erik Spoelstra". You can read a full bio on him here. He's also served as an assistant for the Golden State Warriors and the Atlanta Hawks. According to this piece by The Palm Beach Post, Fizdale does a great job of communicating with the players and staff. I can't find much on his basketball philosophy, but that's nice to know. The Pistons have also shown interest in Fizdale.

Hunt has been an assistant for the recently fired George Karl in Denver. He's had experience as an assistant for the Lakers and Rockets, and most notably the Cleveland Cavaliers back in their LeBron days (2005-2010). Full bio here. I wonder if Hunt will be looking to get out of Denver with all the change the organization is facing.

I'm fine with this rumored interest. They both seem like candidates that at least deserve an interview.

I'm still in favor of the Sixers hiring Chris Finch, but I'm just glad they're targeting candidates who fit this aforementioned mold. Instead of opting for a retread, why not give someone new with potential a chance?

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