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The 76ers Have New Jerseys... Which Are The Same As The Old Jerseys

The Philadelphia 76ers will now wear their snazzy, blue jerseys as their primary road uniform. Now, all the team needs are some decent players to actually fill those jerseys.

Ladies and gentlemen... your new Philadelphia 76ers' road jerseys.
Ladies and gentlemen... your new Philadelphia 76ers' road jerseys.

According to a report from Lyn Kremer of the Philadelphia Business Journal, the Philadelphia 76ers will now wear their blue jerseys (which previously served as the team's alternates) as their primary road uniform going forward.

Even though it may just seem like a simple color change, the blue jerseys appear to be much cleaner and fresher than the old-school red uniforms (which will now be the 76ers' alternate jerseys). Fortunately, since nothing has really changed, we won't be forced to sit the awkwardness of a uniform reveal press conference (such as this legendary performance by former Charlotte Hornets' swingman Kelly Tripucka).

So what does this all mean, exactly? Well, in terms of merchandising... not much. The 76ers actually began selling the blue jerseys midway through the 2011-12 season, so anyone who was passionate, intense and proud enough to pony up the money for the new gear already has the No. 11 Jrue Holiday jersey hanging in their closet. More than anything, this is just another way for the current ownership group to put its personal stamp on the team.

It should be noted that many Sixers' fans (and even Paul Lukas of ESPN's Uni Watch) have been clamoring for this move for quite a while now, so it's nice to know that Adam Aron and Co. are paying attention to their fanbase. And since we have their ear (figuratively, not literally), perhaps we should make another pitch for that sexy, theater-style lighting that the Lakers have.

For what it's worth, this isn't the only Sixers-related uniform news to break in the past few weeks. Back in May, Aron tweeted that the team will be wearing its 1966-67 jerseys as throwbacks during the 2014-15 season.

(Special thanks to Nick Waters - @NickWaters - for being the first to post the link re: the uniform change on Twitter)

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