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NBA Mock Draft: Mocka Flocka Flame Chad Ford has Sixers going Cody Zeller

Been waiting my whole life for this title.

Andy Lyons

Depending on who you ask, mock drafts are either the best thing about springtime or the 60-pick equivalent of Walder Frey. As a complete nutjob, I fall somewhere in between depending on the day. Now that I'm forehead-deep into this SB Nation NBA Mock Draft where we can trade picks (GUYS I CAN'T WAIT TO TELL YOU WHAT I DID), I'm definitely feeling that Mock Draft High lifting me up right now, and even Chad Ford can't get me down.

I still don't think the Sixers will stand pat on draft night (Hinkie on my neck, Hinkie Hinkie on my grill.), but Chad's once again got them sporking Cody Zeller onto their buffet tray at summer camp. He thinks it's a steal. Sure, Chad.

Draft Express and Sports Illustrated try to get me down even further by forcing Zeller and Kelly Olynyk into my mouth, respectively. Tjarks and Ziller have the more intriguing selection of Kiwi Steven Adams of Pitt.

Again, Sam Hinkie is still hiring a coach. He hasn't worked players out yet. Any speculation as to who the Sixers will be taking is not done with inside sources but with the assumption that "Andrew Bynum is dead so the Sixers will need a big guy. Here are some tall men."

Hinkie ain't about that. Back to the LB Big Board later today.

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