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Josh Smith Rumors: Sixers Interested? For Real?

Rumor Has It: I'd rather sign Adele.

I made the same face when I saw that Vecsey tweet, Josh.
I made the same face when I saw that Vecsey tweet, Josh.

With Sam Hinkie commanding the U.S.S. Sixersy, it would appear that Philadelphia's basketball squadron will be emphasizing fiscal responsibility, goal-oriented team building, and multiple methods of preconception. Then why would they be interested in Josh Smith? Well, they're probably not. But it's a rumor worth our time in dispelling or at least discussing, so here we go.

The Rockets and Sixers connection is the gift that keeps on giving (like Dom Brown, who gives me the meat sweats). Though in this case, it seems like Vecsey is assuming that because Houston was interested in Smoove last year, Sam Hinkie is also a fan.

And maybe that's the case. Maybe Hinkie and Morey think they can unlock some potential in him the way a pitching coach sees a way to tack on a few MPH to a guy's fastball. He's certainly versatile enough on the offensive end -- and excellent defensively -- to where, with a little more discipline a lot more discipline, he can turn into something extremely useful.

But Josh is expecting a max contract. And the way he plays -- really, he's just a terrible shooter who loves shooting -- he has no business getting that kind of money. Paying him upwards of $15M a year would hamstring your franchise to a Mediocracy the likes of which we haven't seen since... almost every year this past decade. Sam won't do that.

DOUBLE BUT(T). Josh may not get that contract. It only takes one team to pay up, but with the way the times they are a-changin' towards numbers guys (SUP), there's a strong chance he'll have to settle for below market value. And maybe Hinkie's right on his doorstep to offer him a team-friendly contract that makes him an A$$ET for the Sixers to work with.

I can feel my brain talking myself into this. Initially, I wouldn't even acknowledge the rumor. But Smith has been called overrated so much that he may be underrated, at least on the internet. And my trust in Hinkie Panky is so strong that I'd support even a Josh Smith signing at the right price, with the belief that Hinkie can turn him into a low-usage, high-efficiency freak. The tools are certainly there.

But the internet (especially Basketball Twitter, home of the brave) is not representative of the general public or professional basketball teams. So somebody's probably going to give him a fat, fat deal. It only takes one. I'm very confident that won't be the Sixers.

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