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Sixers Coaching Search: Sam Hinkie, R.C. Buford Deny Brett Brown Hiring

The gun has been jumped. Everybody slap themselves on the wrist.


It would appear that in last night's hysteria (and it was hysteria -- I recall screaming in falsetto for five hours straight), we got a bit ahead of ourselves in taking a not-quite reputable publication at their word. Both the Sixers and Spurs have commented on the record and denied the rumor that Brett Brown was hired to coach the 76ers.

Sam Hinkie repeated the words "Not true" three times upon being confronted with the rumor. He had other stuff going on, you guys. And on the flip side, RC Buford's direct quote does the same: "I would leave it to the 76ers or Brett (Brown) to comment. To the best of my knowledge, I think people are jumping the gun on the process. But I'm not either the 76ers or Brett."

Why would the New York Daily News know about the Sixers hiring Spurs assistant Brett Brown before anyone in Philadelphia in San Antonio? I remember having this thought while I was writing the story, but then I, uh, ignored it and kept yelping.

I wouldn't be surprised if this rumor became a reality, but it's certainly evident from both sides that there's a ways to go yet -- there may not have even been a formal interview yet. We're all in near-unanimous agreement in our approval of this potential move. I'm just glad whoever they sign will have a completely clean slate to work with -- building with Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams as they grow. Not sure who that guy is yet. He's out there, though. Sam'll find him soon.

Man, if the Sixers really just dropped that coach nugget right in the middle of the draft? That's too passive-aggressive, even for Hinkie. What a guy, though.

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