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NBA Draft Grades Roundup: How Did The Sixers Fare?

What did the experts have to say about the Sixers draft?

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J Chillin
J Chillin

WELL THEN. If you haven't heard by now, the Sixers had themselves a pretty wild night at the 2013 NBA Draft. You can see a recap of the Sixers moves in more detail here, but they ended up walking away with 3 players: Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter-Williams, and Arsalan Kazemi. They also acquired some draft picks for the future because GM Sam Hinkie is an ass(et)-grabbing machine.

What a Hinkie, what a night.

That said, It's time for everyone's favorite obligatory post-draft activity: DRAFT GRADES! We always remind ourselves that these grades are silly because it takes some time to see how these players will pan out. But, as a society, we're not patient enough to wait so we must grade things RIGHT NOW. Instant gratification!

Here are what the "experts" around the web are saying about the Sixers draft:

As you may have already noticed, the community here at Liberty Ballers loved the trade. With 900 votes in so far, 63% gave it an A and 25% gave it a B. What is this optimism stuff anyway?

SB Nation graded each draft pick on three factors: Upside, Fit, and Immediate Impact. Upside is probably the more relevant category here since things like fit and immediate impact aren't as important if the Sixers are going to tank their butts off. I'll list all three grades anyway. Nerlens received a A- / B / D. Michael Carter-Williams earned a A- / A / B+.

Check out this masterpiece from SBN's Tom Ziller. "Philadelphia is going to fall off hard in 2013-14. But the team is set up for long-term success if new GM Sam Hinkie makes the right picks." He also calls the Jrue trade a no-brainer.

Spike Eskin loved the Sixers draft, especially because it signifies they now have a plan. He's a full member of #T34MH1NK13. Spike also recorded a podcast with Mike Leeeeeeevin where they recap the draft.

Matt Moore of CBS graded picks individually as they happened. He gave the Pelicans an A for drafting Noel at 6 but he didn't later comment on the Jrue Holiday/Noel trade. He graded both the selections of Michael Carter-Williams (henceforth and forever known MCW) and Arsalan Kazemi as B-.

Adi Joseph of USA Today wasn't in love with the Sixers draft. He awarded the Sixers with a C- for the Noel trade. MCW earned a B+ grade, and Kazemi also ended up with a C-. The overall grade came out to a C+.

Ryan Petzar at graded the Sixers favorably with an A. has a poll running asking people to grade the Sixers draft. As I type this, over 3000 have voted and the majority (33%) give it a B. Dick Jeradi liked the Nerlens selection, and calls Noel a game-changer. John Smallwood thinks GM Sam Hinkie is off to a strong start in Philadelphia.

ESPN's NBA draft expert Chad Ford loved the Sixers draft. He gave them an A and thinks they acquired some great young talents for the future. Here's a link to an ESPN Insider article of trade grades that I don't have access to but they better have said nice things about the Jrue/Noel trade or else.

LB writer and Chipotle enthusiast Roy Burton talked about the Sixers draft with John Gonzalez on CSN Philly's Lunch Break. Dei Lynam talked about the Sixers youth movement in her recent column.

Brian over at DepressedFan is on board with the Sixers approach in this draft, but is going to miss Jrue, and hopes Hinkie sticks to his methods so that one day the Sixers get their superstar and become a contender.

SBN's Kentucky blog (A Sea of Blue) talks about how Nerlens Noel won by losing. They make a good point about how Noel falling in the draft takes the pressure off him that would usually be associated with the No. 1 pick.

SBN's Syracuse blog (Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician) wrote about the Sixers selection of MCW. Sounds like they'll sure be rooting for him.


Called me biased but I loved the Sixers draft. They finally have a plan in place. They're committing to a full rebuild and acquired some young, exciting talents. Let's hope it all works out for the future.

Feel free to include any grades links that I missed in the comments, along with your own Sixers draft grades.

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