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2013 NBA Draft: Sixers Trade for, Then Rid Themselves of, Ricky Ledo

Right after they select Nate Wolters, the Sixers have traded his rights for Ricky Ledo.


The Sixers traded the 35th pick for the 38th and 54th picks. They selected Nate Wolters with the 38th pick and, according to Chris Broussard, have texted the Milwaukee Bucks and acquired Ricky Ledo for Wolters. Ledo was affiliated with Providence but never played in a game for the Friars. DraftExpress had Ledo as the 42nd rated prospect of the 2013 draft. Sam Hinkie is certainly keeping us on our toes and nobody is safe! I have a feeling I'll be traded soon

It's still Sam Hinkie's world and apparently we're still living in it. Will the madness ever end? No chance, we've got selection 54 coming up any minute.

UPDATE: And just like that, Ledo is gone to Atlanta. For what? We'll see.

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