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2013 NBA Draft: Sixers Select Nate Wolters With 38th Pick

After acquiring the 38th (and 54th) pick for the rights to Glen Rice Jr., the Sixers selected Nate Wolters out of South Dakota State.


The second round is a favorite of the writers at Liberty Ballers. Sam Hinkie, my newest idol and celebrity crush, and the rest of his decision makers traded away the rights to Glen Rice Jr. (taken with the 35th pick) for the 38th and 54th picks according to WojBomb. With the newly acquired 38th selection, Hinkie and friends made Nate Wolters the newest member of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Already tonight we've had Nerlens Noel (and a 2014 top 5 protected first round pick) come on board for Jrue Holiday, Michael Carter-Williams hear his name at pick 11, a new head coach in Brett Brown, and a revelation that Noel and MCW are the bestest of friends. Just add another notch on Hinkie's running the draft belt, which he absolutely manhandled. It's Sam Hinkie's world and we're just living in it.

It's always good to add a Jack Rabbit to your team. How do you guys feel about the Sixers' second round selection?

UPDATE: And just like that, Wolters appears to be gone.

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