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NBA Draft Rumor: Anthony Bennett Could Slide



There's nobody at Liberty Ballers more enamored with Anthony Bennett than I am. In the SBNBA Mock Draft, I traded the 11th pick and the recently acquired 25th pick to move up to 7th and select the UNLV forward as Fake Sixers GM. I absolutely love what he can bring to the table on the offensive end (and if he ever tries to learn defense, that'd be nice) and think his ceiling is as a more athletic Zach Randolph with range.

And to top it off, I had him ranked at the tippy-top of my Big Board. So when the all-knowing and all-spoiling WOJ tweets something like this, I have to rip off my nipple de-chafers and scream with delight.

I would do anything to get Anthony Bennett. He's the exact kind of guy I've believed in again and again to almost no avail, but I don't care about it. He has so much talent. He could be the guy. There aren't many people in the draft that could be The Guy. I think Bennett is one of the few.

He didn't get nearly enough touches on that UNLV team filled with gunners and he still had a TS% of 60.9% and a college-semi-respectable 27.5% usage rate. He can score from anywhere. He can create for himself. If he keeps his weight down, he is a mismatch against everyone. Plus he's Canadian, which is cool.

If he falls to someone else around 10, I will throw the hissiest of fits. Make it happen, Hink.

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