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Andrew Bynum's Agent Expects Bynum To Be Ready Next Season, Play For Team Not Sixers

Exactly what this evening needs!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As this evening's Adam Aron saga unfolded, you may have thought to yourself, "what could make this evening more Sixers-y?" If you are like me and you answered this question in your head, your answer was probably something along the lines of "a surprise Andrew Bynum update," although you probably dismissed it as something that would not happen.

Well! You're in luck! Shortly after Sixers PR guy Michael Preston denied all rumors Adam Aron was fired, Dan Gelston of the Associated Press came in with what everyone was looking for less than 72 hours before the draft: An Andrew Bynum update!

It is certainly good news that Andrew feels good about himself and is optimistic about a training camp return to basketball, although one can point to the optimism around him after the trade went down as a sign that just because things seem well now does not mean they will be fine when training camp begins. Either way, though, I hope nothing but the best for his health.

It is not surprising that Bynum's agent is not expecting the Sixers to offer him a contract. Given Hinkie and the apparent new direction the Sixers are going in, it appears the Sixers want to start over and they do not want an at-risk Bynum weighing down their cap space. Bynum's condition is degenerative, and even if he is in fact fine to start the season with an NBA team, those knees are a ticking time-bomb. It is hard to blame a team moving in a new direction for staying away from that given what we know.

The Draft is in 72 hours. We'll know a lot more about the future of the Sixers then. Unless the person who used a time machine to send us back to January does not undo this cruel twist of fate. In which case, Sixers-Bucks tomorrow. Who you got?

[6/24/2013 - 10:30 PM] Clarification from Derek:

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