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2013 NBA Draft: Pimp Your Second Round Prospect

Pimpin' ain't easy.


With the Draft just five days away, Liberty Ballers is bringing back what has become an annual tradition. It's time for you to pimp your favorite second round prospect.

The rules are simple: Despite the Sixers having two second round picks, you can chose just one prospect. Also, they must be mocked outside the top 30 in both Draft Express and ESPN's latest mock draft.

The duty of of this post was previously carried out by beloved founder Jordan Sams, who has pimped more prospects than Xzibit has crappy car owners.

In 2012, Jordan elected to go with Darius Johnson-Odom of Marquette University.

I'm going to give my personal nomination to University of Detroit Mercy junior PG Ray McCallum Jr. If the Sixers don't elect to draft a ball handler like Michael Carter Williams or C.J. McCollum (if still on the board) with their first round selection, McCallum is a player who could easily be on the board when Philadelphia picks 42nd overall.

Standing at 6'2", 191 lbs., McCallum's size should help his game translate to the professional level. Playing under his father at Detroit, the 22 year-old showed steady improvement each year. He averaged 19.8 points a game in 2013, and shot 47.7% from the floor. Even with an increase of minutes this season (he averaged 37 this season), McCallum's turnovers actually dropped from 2011-12.

He's a very hot and cold three point shooter and will need to seriously work to improve his range, but the Detroit native will give you exactly what you want in a backup point guard: a competent ball handler who can create his own shots and play good defense.

After going through four different ball handlers last year, McCallum is a guy who could hold down the point guard spot behind Jrue Holiday.

Make sure you pimp your own favorite possible second rounder in the comments below.

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