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Former Knicks Executive Scott O'Neil Close to Joining Sixers Front Office

please god let it be as a consulting role. We have enough consultants to field a separate basketball team.

Michael Cohen

Sam Hinkie, as we know, has been either excruciatingly absent or hilariously calculated in his first month and a half with the Sixers. So any rumor of any nature involving Sam, the Sixers, new models of the TI-83 calculator, arena parking, or ABBA reunions is going to get reported by one of us. This time, we're not talking about the Draft or the vacant Intern Head Coach position, we're all about the Sixers front office.

Well color me intrigued. Looks to me like Mr. Adam Aron may have some company. He doesn't seem like a basketball ops guy, but apparently he's dabbled in that realm with the Knicks previously. Here's rap genius/cookie thief Seth Rosenthal from Posting and Toasting on O'Neil from when he resigned MSG a year ago.

Recall that O'Neil was a bro who pertained more to the business side of things-- marketing and whatnot for all of MSG's occupants-- but he'd made his way into the basketball operations over the last few years. He's supposed to have close connections with CAA, was one of the officials to meet with LeBron James's people when the Knicks were courting him, and was reportedly in the running to replace Donnie Walsh before Glen Grunwald was promoted into that position.

He seems to fit the younger (43), handsome (babe) guy mold that Josh Harris also embodies. He was also probably in a frat and has a number of lawn chairs in which he drinks his afternoon brewskis.

The Villanova thing obviously helps, though some of you Anti-Main Liners may take issue with that. His Twitter indicates he's also apparently a Rangers fan, though that could have to do with, ya know, working for MSG.

I'm all for having younger, personable dudes in charge. But if it comes at the expense of Adam Aron, then I'd be upset. I love Adam. What do we think?

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