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Casual Friday Sixers Links: Andrew Bynum & Dwight Howard Play Date Edition

We'll bring the links, you bring the discussion. Casual Friday open thread discussion fun for everyone!

Ronald Martinez

Welcome to another edition of Casual Friday Sixers Links.


  • Congrats to LeBron James and the Heat on their second straight championship. Check out Hot Hot Hoops for more Heat coverage.
  • Please give a warm welcome to our newest LB staff writer... Jake Pavorsky!
  • I hope you enjoyed those two surprises I was hinting at: 1) the SBN NBA Mock Draft and 2) the LB Members Mock Draft.
  • Less than a week until the NBA draft! Keep an eye out for our "why the Sixers should draft [player]" series.
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I can't even.


Full NBA Draft Coverage
The aforementioned "Why the Sixers should draft [this guy]" posts are in here.

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Second Annual Liberty Ballers Members Mock Draft
This is the only mock draft in life you'll ever need.

NBA Mock Draft, Blogger Style: Sixers Trade Spencer Hawes, Acquire DeAndre Jordan
ALL HAIL GM MICHAEL LEVIN. Seriously, why can't this trade be real?

The Courtship of Andre Iguodala
What would a conversation between Dre and the fans who want him back look like?
Masterful stuff. I love you Dre. Good luck elsewhere though.

76ers Sunday Morning Shootaround: The PRISM Edition
In this special Father's Day edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, the Sixers are looking for someone who can turn tricks, Nick Young hangs out at an awards show, and we take a look back at one of the greatest regional networks of all time.


Reviewing the Ten Biggest Questions for the Sixers Off-Season with Michael Levin - The 700 Level
HEY we know that guy. Believe it or not Levin made it through this whole thing without saying Greg Oden once. Must read though!

"Bynum was one move. Hinkie is a movement."

SB Nation Blogger 2013 NBA Mock Draft - Ridiculous Upside
See all of the action here.

Sixers potential suitors for Will Bynum -
Just think of all the confusion and jokes that could be made.

Temple's Khalif Wyatt works out for Sixers, says he's optimistic to hear name called at NBA Draft - Sixers Dish
Would you take a chance on Khalif?

Why the Sixers Must Name Allen Iverson Head Coach - The 700 Level

76ers Propose Practice Facility at the Navy Yard - Philadelphia Business Journal
This is something management has discussed in the past. It would be nice for the Sixers to have their own facility.

Grizzlies, 76ers looking to buy first-round draft picks - Pro Basketball Talk
Ooooh I like this. Hinkie gonna Hinkie.

No Sixers coach before draft? No big deal - CSN Philly
Gonzo's absolutely right here. There's really no rush. That said, GIVE ME CHRIS FINCH ALREADY


REMINDER - RULES OF THE THREAD: As long as you keep it clean (no cursing and please remember to bathe before threading) and respectful, it's fair game. It's your thread - use it as you see fit.

Now, discuss! Happy Friday!

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