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SPECIAL FEATURE: The Second Annual Liberty Ballers Members Mock Draft


If you squint really hard, it says "2013" and not 2012.
If you squint really hard, it says "2013" and not 2012.

GREETINGS and welcome to the 2nd annual LB Members Mock Draft. This is a special feature here at the blog that honors community members of the site. It just wouldn't be the same here without you guys. Thanks for all you do. <3

The first LB Members Mock Draft started out last year as a FanPost written by myself. As you'll soon see, this year the mock has taken a different form (see: more YOUNG AND EXCITING). The draft was three non-snaked rounds and 3 picks for each of the 10 writers which totals 30 picks made. The draft order was established by gamethread record:

Roy - 5-3 (62.5%)
Brandon - 5-4 (55.6%)
Baumann - 4-4 (50.0%)
Derek - 4-5 (44.4%)
Levin - 4-6 (40.0%)
Justin - 3-5 (37.5%)
Dave - 3-6 (33.3%)
Tanner - 1-5 (16.7%)
Rich - 1-6 (14.3%)
Sean - N/A

To the picks!


The Uncertain Burtons - Roy's team

First pick: soman319
From the official press release: "Sohil's humble, he's from Sicklerville, he likes J. Cole... what else can you ask for? It also doesn't hurt that his non-basketball IQ is off of the charts, and his skill at moderating the Halftime Hangout will be crucial if we ever get stranded on a desert island, Lost-style."

Second pick: Tom Moore
From the official press release: "We had Tom ranked in our top five heading into the draft, so we feel like we got a steal when we grabbed him in the second round. Tom's experience as a long-time beat writer is great, but we chose him due to his Reggie Evans-like ability to muscle his way into random posts here on LB. And nothing for nothing, he's remarkably skilled at using a flip cam to take video - we're amazed that WorldStarHipHop hasn't tried to sign him yet."

Third pick: 76ers PR
From the official press release: "We chose 76ers PR with our final pick under the assumption that the account is owned and operated by friend of the blog Michael Preston. Drafting a beat writer and a PR person may seem to be counter-productive, but our team-oriented approach will ensure that no one thinks that he is bigger than the group. That said, Preston is bigger than the rest of the group - without shoes, he measured at about 6'3" during the combine - and as Jimmy Lynam always preaches, you can't teach height."
"If, by chance, 76ers PR is not Michael Preston, then any person who identifies themselves as a member of the Sixers' public relations department and is willing to take the bullets that come with said title deserves a place on our team."

The Bee's Lees- Brandon's team

1) jefu - jefu was a no-brainer at pick 2 overall. A member since 2009 (4 years), he's the veteran presence that my team needs. 11862+ career comments. The biggest selling point is that he (correctly) believes that transition points don't count. It's his signature style. Literally. It's in his signature. Jefu has snark for days, but that's a good thing. Also a lover of Asian women. The importance of that cannot be understated. The fact that we share the best, most esoteric inside joke on the site is just a bonus. " RP " forever.

2) TwistyWristy - Easily one of the most underrated members on LB. Although he's more active over at the Phillies SBN The Good Phight, he's a top performer in the LB gamethreads. I have the data to back that up, too. Move over, Hinkie, you're not the only one with spreadsheets. One of the most positive members of LB. He balances out jefu's snark - the ultimate complementary player. Defensive minded. Pippen to jefu's Jordan.

3) J.P.Melle - Baumann thought he needed a lawyer early in the draft when he took dweebowitz, but I was able to get great value by grabbing one in the last round. Melle's legal skills will help our team getting out of tricky situations. His hair is rivaled by no one. No, not even you, Andrew Bynum.

The Baumann Baudelaires - Mike B's team

1:3--Dweebowitz: Everyone said this was a reach, but I have faith. Awww, Dweeb has question marks this high, everyone says. You know who else had question marks coming into the draft? Stephen Curry. I went for the home run rather than settle for Jonny Flynn.

2:3--iladelphia: Great activity on the boards, a real high-energy guy. In the second round, you want players who you know will show up and contribute, and this is such a player.

3:3--Naismithball: I'll level with you. I forgot this draft only went three rounds deep instead of four, and I was sitting on a small-college commenter from down south who I knew wasn't on anyone else's draft board. So knowing I could get him in the (nonexistent) fourth round, I snapped up a commenter to stash in Europe for a year or two to see how he develops. Good basketball heritage with the name. Now show me some want-to, son.

The Hot Bods - Derek's team

I went with experience and guts I can trust.

First, Spike's an Eskin. If you've ever dealt with an Eskin, you know how much of a bastard they can be. But I mean this in a good way. I want bastards on my team.

In the second round I went with tk76. I've known tk around the 'nets got years. Familiarity is big for me. Forget upside, or even talent, I want somebody I know I can trust.

In the last round I went with NoceOne. Again, going with intangibles. The dedication he has shown is valuable.

The Levinty Lickers - Mike L's team

yosoysean - What can I say about Sean that hasn't already been said? Number 1 or 1A (with Soman) on my board. And he's been doing it for years. He's Tim Duncan. He just keeps getting better. And he has a beard, which just comes out of nowhere. Couldn't be any happier with top-of-the-line value in the middle of the first round. Sean will carry my team for years to come. Superstar talent.

RickoT - Any time you have the chance to add a bonafide legend to your squad, you gotta do it. Team Levin adds the most infamous LB commenter of all time (among those who haven't been kicked off the site). Ricko knows his limits -- dude rests up more than Andre Miller in the offseason -- but he comes back strong every training camp and has comment endurance the likes of which you don't see outside of dweebowitz. To pick up Ricko -- both style and substance -- in the second round is a straight coup.

Ben16 - Really thrilled with my third round value here. Ben just got engaged, he's repping Central PA HARD, and kid knows his way around the paint. You could definitely say my team has a little more VETERANNESS than you'd expect in a Levin-coached squad, but I'm built to win now. There's a ton of UDFA's I'm eying as well (jrb, EREX, xEgan, ChuckCool -- all terrific guys ready to contribute for a winner), so I'll have depth right up the pipeline. Feeling extremely confident with my Ben pick here.

The I Dont Give An 'F's - Justin's Team

JakePavorsky*: Talk about ridiculous upside. Jake is only a high schooler, yet he contributes already to The Brotherly Game, The Hockey Guys, and he writes awesome FanPosts for Liberty Ballers. Jake is a future star you want to build a franchise around, and getting him at #6 is an absolute steal.

*At the time of this draft, Jake Pavorsky was not a writer here at LB yet, but was a community member. Therefore this was a valid selection, as ruled by commissioner Brandon Lee.

phillyhoosfan: Ranked 9th on Brandon's initial big board, phillyhoosfan is a steal in the mid-second round. His profile illustrates incredible versatility and he can slot into multiple positions without missing a beat. The problem in sports with drafting "versatile" players is said players can be put in a bunch of positions but not do anything particularly well. That's not phillyhoosfan. He is talented in his versatility, and will prove to be a key cog on any contending team.

TheBigCat2192: Constantly underrated, TheBigCat2192 reps my alma mater in his avatar with pride. Some might say this is akin to the Sixers reaching on Lavoy Allen in 2011, but unlike Lavoy who was projected to go undrated, TheBigCat2192 was ranked #7 overall on Brandon's initial big board. While Lavoy was a massive reach in the 2nd round, TheBigCat2192 is a massive steal in the 3rd round.

The Rueful Rueters - Dave's team

Nyunole - We had him #1 on our big board, so we were tickled pink when Nole fell to us at #7. Sure, there are some concerns here. There are pictures floating around the internet of Nole in jorts and a Dave Cowens jersey, and, yeah, he is on the wrong side of 30. But there is still a lot of beer left in this tall boy.

Nole’s a leader. We’ve already stitched the "C" on to his sweater and inked him to a 24-year deal, ala Scott Williams and Rick DiPietro. Is it a risky contract? Of course. We understand that the fan base is a bit skeptical. But Nole is our future.

As Nole goes, so goes Team Dave.

Bauser21 - Bauser21 is certainly a wild card. I’m infatuated with him, almost clingy. Damien Wilkins and I are huge fans of the entire Bauser clan. First time, long time here. I’ve been contracted to write a 5,000 word Remember This Bauser exposé, but somehow need to edit it down from the 23,000 words it’s currently at.

Here’s what we do know:

Bauser21 is a big 87ers fan. He knows much of the ownership on a personal level. He has a place for Charlie Jenkins to crash, if Charlie Jenkins ever needs a place to crash. He loves potato chips, but hates Pringles. It’s also well-documented that Bauser has an affection for fellaccio in the friendly confines of his Ford Focus.

Well, not on my team, Bauser. Women weaken legs.

Irish07 - Criminally underrated. I can only assume that his draft stock slipped due to anti-Irish sentiments that stemmed from the failed Ivan McFarlin experiment. I’m also banking on the fact that he’s a Notre Dame fan. We could discuss Pat Garrity’s Hall of Fame credentials over a beer and some sliders, while Nole and Bauser game plan for Team Roy. You got this one, fellas.

You gonna eat that last slider, Irish07?

The Unbridled Steidels - Tanner's team

1st Round: Nimphius

Nimph was always on my radar. I'm a huge supporter of the Rueter family and mentions of Jon Crotty. When Nimph went to bat for whichever Zeller brother is in the draft this year, he mentioned Ma$e and the Bad Boy Family. And while he didn't specifically clarify, I know he meant "Feel So Good" Ma$e, not Priest Ma$e or Murda Ma$e and his stint with G-Unit.

Incredible value at the spot I picked him. An under the radar superstar in the making. Kids everywhere will be imitating his style on the blacktop for decades to come. Mom, watch me NIMPH!

2nd Round: LBwifey

The best way to build around a star? Surround him with familiarity to take advantage of the already established chemistry. With Mara Rueter joining Nimphius, we've already got our Stockton/Malone dynamic in tact.

Not only can she dish out the assists, but she can also chit-chat about New Girl and the Kardashians with the team owner. Our plane rides will be filled with Kourtney discussion.

3rd Round: Brenton Lenaghan (that might be spelled wrong)

Brenton would have went undrafted. I could have signed him to a cheap free agent deal. But when I want someone, I grab him. Brenton works for Nike and will be able to hook us up with as much merch as we can handle. Need those in an 11.5? He's got em, no need to call Zappos (this is Jordan. How may I help you?).

An underrated part of his résumé is his knowledge of Australia. Who else would tell us that kangaroos can't hop backwards? Adam Scott will be at our team launch party. It's a slight left to right to the bar, Adam. Don't lay up, go right at it.

The Not That Rich Hofmanns - Rich's team

Here is the thought process that went into my draft: Get a diverse group of specialists who I can mold into a cohesive unit and championship contender.

First, Xsago has that overseas pedigree which I clearly lack, and a great grasp of the general fundamentals which go into posting about basketball.

Andy Reid's Waistline gives my team an artistic presence that every other team simply doesn't possess, not to mention an awesome sense of humor which in this case equals a great clubhouse guy.

And oh yeah, selecting the guy who used to run this very site, jsams (Jordan Sams) was a no-brainer. Plus, he's one of the five people on the planet who likes "The Real World" as much as I do.

The Smelly SOCs - Sean's team

I had the last draft position, not because I had a bad gamethread year, but because I didn't have one. Even the Bobcats got the top non-lottery pick when they didn't have a chance to prove themselves! But despite that, I'm very happy with what I was able to accomplish with the final pick of each round. My team's a sleeper next year.

Round 1: I wanted to go with a high floor pick with at least some upside early on. Based on the available members, I had two I felt comfortable going with, but ultimately chose KJ Brophy because he's an established member that I know farily well. It also helps that he's a Sixers-related person from the Pacific Northwest who doesn't suck, and I really didn't know that was possible before Brophy.

Rounds 2 and 3: pure upside selections with newcomers not unlike myself. SwagySwagySwag's a new-ish member who's both funny and informative, and who could really prosper in the future with some more experience. And BHolly gave us one of my favorite posts of the year with his History of Sixers Draft Coin Flips. He hasn't been too active in the comments section, but his efficiency is through the roof.


That's it for the draft. Good selections were made by all, but let's be real: NO ONE can stop my squad.

Don't worry if your name wasn't called. There's always next year. Pick up those weights, take 200 shots a day, get more involved in the comments and FanPosts, and you'll be on your way. Or maybe you can make a case for yourself in the comments and a team will take you on as an undrafted rookie!

We really do have an amazing community here at LB and I don't say that lightly. I think I speak for all the writers when I say that we're very appreciative of you guys (and girl[s]). LOVE YOU

Liberty Ballers forever. We outchea bloggin' for life.

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