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Sixers Coaching Search Update: Sixers To Wait Until After Summer League?

You've waited a while, and now, you are going to be waiting a little while longer

"You have to avoid a coaching turn over at the Summer League."
"You have to avoid a coaching turn over at the Summer League."

It is probably among the more farther things on your basketball mind at the moment because the draft is coming up before the end of the month and OMG DID YOU SEE THAT GAME LAST NIGHT!?!?!?, but the Sixers are still looking for a head coach to lead them on the court at the start of the Hinkie era, and Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears has provided us with an update on said search.

It is not specified exactly why Collins's assistants, the most prominent one being associate head coach Michael Curry, are relevant here, although it is possible that they are needed to coach the Sixers in the summer league provided they do not find other jobs ahead of time. That being said, if the assistants do find jobs (and Hinkie should not have any issues letting with them out of their contract), then there are some, uh, interesting names from a bygone era still on the Sixers' payroll in some capacity.*

*Dr. J. I'm talking about Dr. J.

The initial reaction from fans over the extended wait may be a desire for greater urgency in hiring someone before everyone is picked over, but I'm not sure I see the downside to waiting things out. Sam Hinkie is a smart man, if he wanted to hire someone he felt would be easily picked over, he probably would have jumped on it more. Hinkie is gathering all the information and looking for the long-term hire to lead the Sixers into the future. The Sixers are not looking to contend now, but rather they are looking to build a team, and it is going to start with this coaching hire.

The Sixers Front Office knows that they are doing and that feeling is so weirdly awesome.

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