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NBA Mock Draft, Blogger Style: Sixers Trade Spencer Hawes, Acquire DeAndre Jordan

I don't mean to pat myself on the back, but I AM A GOD AMONG MEN.

Trade friends!
Trade friends!
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, the editors of all SB Nation NBA team blogs had their very own mock draft via email where trades were allowed. We would basically be the GMs. If you've ever interacted with me in any way, you know this is my wet dream on steroids. So I WENT TO EFFING TOWN and emailed at least 20-25 of my Blog GM peers about trades.

It was... awesome. Just ridiculously, crazy awesome. I hate that this reality is not the actual reality. I ran into some problems of GMs over-fetishizing their players (especially since I do exactly none of that with the Sixers), but I made two trades, which were announced as a 3-teamer, despite trying to make LITERALLY (LITERALLY!) thousands of trades. You'll read about them all in the next iteration of the LB group email thread. It was total chaos.

Anyway, read about the trade I made here at Ridiculous Upside, who are breaking the entire Mock Draft in this storystream. It's a great exercise in just how insane this draft could be. Any one move could shake the entire framework of the draft. I'll round up some of the moves I was doing after the mock is totally completed in a few days.

So here's the trade:

DeAndre Jordan
#7 (via Sac) - Anthony Bennett

Spencer Hawes (!!!)
Jason Richardson
#35 (via Philly)

#11 (via Philly)
#25 (via LAC)

It initially started as a deal between the Sixers and Clips, where I had offered them Hawes/J-Rich for Caron Butler, Grant Hill, and #25. But then Hill retired and, somehow, the Clips GM offered DeAndre in their stead. After unrolling my tongue, we finalized the deal: Hawes/J-Rich/35 for DAJ/25. Moving Hawes, Richardson's contract, getting a young big with only 2 years left on his deal AND moving up 10 spots in the draft? Euphoria.

Then I went to work trying to move up into the Top 7 of the draft. I had a deal in place with GM Rohan of the Hornets, but when Trey Burke fell to 6, he bailed. (You'll see when the thread comes out that I had like 8 deals in place that people backed out of. TOUGH LIFE.) Then I talked to Tom Ziller in Sacramento about the 7th pick. He wasn't in love with Bennett, so he was willing to make the deal providing a few of his guys were still around at 11. So that trade was 11 + 25 for 7. And I took Bennett.

I'll talk more about the other trades I tried to make next time, but check out my reasoning and the Clippers' reasoning over at Ridiculous Upside. Here's what I said about moving Spencer:

Have you ever been constipated? Not just "eat some Raisin Bran!" constipated, but the kind of constipated where you have to cut off your butt and just let it fly? That's what it feels like to trade Spencer Hawes. Sure, I've now got a rabid case of Assless Chaps, but that's totally worth it, don't you think?

I'll be waiting for the influx of gifts and praise now, thank you.

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