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2013 NBA Draft LB Big Board: Michael Carter-Williams Pegs #12, Misses Jumper

MC Dub rolls into the Big Board over the big guys projected to go to the Sixers.


We're waist-deep into the portion of the draft where there is no clear-cut Best Player Available. And since the Sixers are so far from contending, they won't draft by need, so who they'll take is up in the air more than Anna Kendrick. That's why I'm actually pleasantly pleased that y'all voted for Michael Carter-Williams to the 12th spot in the Big Board. He's not my pick (Sergey Karasev), but he's got more talent than most or all of these big men projected for the Sixers, so that's cool.

Unlike a lot of these other guys we're talking about, I've seen MCW play a lot of basketball. And he's got a long way to go before he's a productive player. He's a terrible shooter. Just terrible. He has, occasionally, awful decision-making. But he's long as hell, he can handle, and he can really get to the basket. I see him as a less-athletic, less-injured Shaun Livingston. Is that a starting point guard? I don't know. Certainly an upside pick though.

I've added Shane Larkin and Jamaal Franklin for funsies. Love that of the seven guys in the last round, each of them had at least 7% of the vote -- MCW won with 27%. We're bunching! Bunching!

Additional cryptic personal note: I lead the league (the whole blog league) in going out with girls in an Is-This-A-Date? scenario. Efficiency through the roof in that department.

1. Nerlens Noel (47%)

2. Ben McLemore (49%)

3. Otto Porter (42%)

4. Victor Oladipo (59%)

5. Anthony Bennett (48%)

6. Trey Burke (46%)

7. Alex Len (45%)

8. C.J. McCollum (38%)

9/10. Cody Zeller/Shabazz Muhammad (30%)

11. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (31%)

12. Michael Carter-Williams (27%)

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