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Sixers Coaching Search: Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner Want Michael Curry

I want an omelet.

That's my name!
That's my name!
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Thus far, the Sixers have done their due diligence in seeking out their next head coach and I have done my due diligence in saying "due diligence" in regards to a coaching search, which is required in sportswriting. Mike Malone, Mike Budenholzer, Quin Snyder, Brian Shaw, and Jeff Hornacek have all been rumored. None of those are terrible choices.

But Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday, well, they'd like current Sixers assistant coach Michael Curry to wear the Sixers coaching headdress, were such a thing to exist.

Jrue brings up defense and familiarity to make his case.

I've known him for the last three years. He's somebody I trust, and somebody I'd love as a head coach. I think he was the glue to our team last year. Obviously we were defensive-based, which is big for us. That was our calling card, and Mike was responsible for that.

Evan, meanwhile, tossed a few parting shots at Doug Collins, who has awkwardly enough already suggested the team hire Curry as his replacement.

He was great because he was calm in certain situations, and that helps. He never really panicked. That's something that players need. I think it would be great for the organization. We respect Mike.

We really don't have a lot of room to start all over again when you look at us.

Wait, what was that last thing, Ev? You want to build on the excellence that was last season and not start over? Yeah that seems like a good plan.

My response to this, were I Josh Harris, would be "k thanks" and hang up the phone and change my number. Michael Curry seems like a lovely guy and maybe he's the right person to coach the team. But this team needs to separate itself from last season in the worst way and hiring from outside is an easy way to start. The players on a 34-48 team should have no impact on who the organization brings in as head coach. I'd consider letting Jrue into the discussion and get his opinions, but that wouldn't be the deciding factor at all.

And Evan, go play with ducks or something.

Tom Moore hears that the Sixers will conduct most of their interviews after the pre-draft combine in Chicago in two weeks.

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