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Sixers Offseason Dates: Draft, Free Agency, Sleepytime

Offseason living.

Lots of things.
Lots of things.
Andy Lyons

The NBA offseason is a decathlon, not a jaunt to the kitchen for some beef jerky. We've lost good men to the offseason for getting too damn bored or impatient or Rodney Carney. It helps to have it all laid out in front of you, so here are some important dates before the Sixers and Intern GM and Intern Coach take the court again in October.

Get your lawn chairs, your tank tops, and your PBR's and dive in.

May 15-19: NBA Draft Combine in Chicago -- this looks like it'll be attended by nobody because all the draft prospects are dead. We'll get a really good look at Allen Crabbe, maybe.

May 21: NBA Draft Lottery -- clutch your scrotum, pray to Lucy for luck.

June 20-30: Period for team's to extend Qualifying Offers to Restricted Free Agents -- No RFA's for the Sixers, but Kwame Brown does have his player option that I'm so thrilled he received! Sign no one ever.


July 1: Free Agency Begins -- here's my thorough free agency preview.

July 10: First day contracts can officially be signed -- "Sixers come to terms with Kareem Rush again" would be fine.

July 12-22: Summer League -- My favorite Vegas holiday. Here's Dave's highly embarrassing report from Summer League last year.

Aug-Sep: NBA goes to sleep -- This is the time of year where we try throwing some standup jokes against the internet and seeing what sticks.

Hey! I made it through this whole post without mention Andrew Bynu-- /gets chloroformed by Spike Eskin

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