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2013 NBA Draft LB Big Board: Nerlens Noel on (Flat) Top

Raking in 173 of the 366 total votes, Nerlens Noel, Nerlens Noel's hair, and Nerlens Noel's ACL took the #1 spot on the Liberty Ballers Community Big Board.


An NBA Draft hasn't lacked a consensus number one pick since 2008, kind of, when Chicago had to choose between Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley. Tom Ziller has a nice piece on the carousel of potential top picks in the 2013 NBA Draft. But you guys clickity-clicked Nerlens Noel to the head of the class in the first wave of voting, with Ben McLemore finishing a pretty distant second.

All the other guys had support as well, so in addition to McLemore, there's a sizable contingent for Otto Porter, Victor Oladipo, and Anthony Bennett to somehow finagle their way onto the Sixers next season.

Heard some cries for Alex Len and Trey Burke as well, so we'll bump it to six choices at the moment. The Top 7 really separate themselves from the rest of the pack in this crop -- it's why the Sixers find themselves in an unenviable position of drafting 11th.

Anyway, vote below and be sure to make your case for your guy in the comments. And for some extracurricular reading, here's Conrad Kaczmarek of Fear the Sword on why the Cleveland Cavaliers should take Nerlens despite other fancier options.

1. Nerlens Noel (47%)

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