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Sixers to Orlando Summer League, No Word on Las Vegas


normal summer league play.
normal summer league play.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

The Las Vegas Summer League is the best thing in the world. Part of it is the tremendous BLOG FRIENDS experience to be had with all the other basketball nerds from around the country and part of it is watching Adam Morrison straight up dominate and part of it is seeing Bobby Jackson at the blackjack table. It's really great exposure for players, it's fun for everybody, and it's a great way to seek out new talent and work out the talent you already have.

You know what's not fun in any way at all? The Orlando Summer League. It's closed off to the public. It's in ORLANDO. And it's much smaller and barely televised. The Sixers, once again, will be attending the Orlando Summer League.

Nine other teams (including the Rockets!) will be playing in Orlando as well. And they're adopting a similar tournament-style setup that Vegas will implement this year. Only thing is, since the event is closed to the public, NO ONE CARES, ORLANDO. COME ON.

I'm still holding out lots and lots of hope that the Sixers will go to Las Vegas for Summer League as well. Orlando ends on Friday, July 12th, the same day Vegas begins. Last year, only seven teams did not attend the Vegas Summer League. The Sixers were one of them. But the Boston Celtics did both Vegas and Orlando last year, and now that the Orlando Summer League opened it up to 10 teams (last year was 8), I imagine a few other teams will also double dip.

The biggest reason I have to be optimistic about the Sixers going to Las Vegas -- aside from Blind Hinkie Optimism -- is none other than the Delaware 87ers. The Sixers are going to need to fill that team out, so they'll need to try out a ton of guys and find players on other teams who won't be offered contracts and bring them to their D-League team. That and I've been pestering Adam Aron about going to the Vegas Summer League for months. Hard work has to pay off.

My fingers are crossed. Check the Orlando schedule here. First Sixers game is Sunday, July 7th against OH MY GOD IT'S THE HOUSTON ROCKETS.

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