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Sixers Coaching Search: Sam Hinkie Met with Brian Shaw

Bet they only spoke in 0's and 1's. NERDS.

boys will be boys?
boys will be boys?
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

While Tony DiLeo started the Sixers coaching search, he won't be the one to finish it. Sam Hinkie is re-making the rounds DiLeo and Josh Harris already made a few weeks earlier. Now that he's exhausted all Houston assistant coaches and towel boys, he's moved on to Indiana Pacers assistant coach Brian Shaw. That also happens to be the reason why we didn't see Ol' Hinkieface at Tuesday's Lottery.

According to CSN Philly, Hinkie flew from the Combine in Chicago to Indianapolis, where the Pacers were preparing for their Eastern Conference Finals matchup against the Miami Heat. It was previously reported that the Sixers had Shaw high on their list before, and now that Hinkie's the man, he decided to skip out on the Lottery and talk to him on his own. "GUESS HE DIDN'T CARE ABOUT WHERE THE SIXERS DRAFT ENOUGH TO GO TO THE LOTTERY." - someone, probably.

The Andrew Bynum connection with Shaw is still a thing we should mention, but Hinkie would not hire Shaw just because he's coached Bynum before. Think of that as potential gravy.

Three years ago, the Chicago Bulls were looking for a head coach to succeed the fired Vinny Del Negro. Thibodeau was an assistant coach with the Celtics team that advanced to the NBA Finals, losing in seven games to the Los Angeles Lakers that year. He was working into late June for Boston, but on the night before those Finals started, Bulls management flew to Los Angeles to interview him about their vacant coaching position.

Four days later word got out that Thibodeau had been hired. It was not until the Finals ended the announcement was made official.

Cool. Not saying I want Shaw or not, but I dig Hinkie making moves to meet with who he wants. Although at this point I would dig Hinkie smashing a two-by-four on my skull, so maybe I'm not the best guy to comment on it. Reports that Doug Collins was hiding under the bleachers while Hinkie and Shaw spoke are unconfirmed.

Numbers <3.

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