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2013 NBA Draft LB Big Board Voting Begins


I cannot say enough good things about that hair.
I cannot say enough good things about that hair.

Used to be that we started the Liberty Ballers Big Board in December. December! Maybe we were a bit over-eager. One year, the infamous Willie Warren made his way into our Top 12. That was rough. So this year, we decided to reign ourselves in a bit and wait until the Draft Lottery was completed. Well, that happened, and now we know we've got the Dan Brown-esque 11th pick going into the Draft.

Will they keep it? Maybe. I've got a few coins on the Sixers moving up or down or back in or out or some prepositional phrase on the evening of June 27th. Sam Hinkie don't wait for nobody.

But this isn't about draft position or mock drafts or anything. This is our own community big board. The criteria can be anything you want it to be. Team need, BPA, upside, readiness, high sock game... anything. There is no clear-cut top pick for me. Plenty of variables at play here, so be sure to make your case in the comments respectfully.

Mock Drafts: Sixers Going Big?

We'll keep doing this every few days until we get our full Top 15. Each LB bloglord will have his own Top 15 and we'll compile them together at the end like we always do and put it into a consensus. As we get closer, we'll have individual guys make their case for what the Sixers should do with the pick. And then there will be our Second Round Sleeper: Pimp Your Prospect segment, which is always one of my faves.

But for now, I'll gather five players each voting period. If the guy you want next isn't listed, mention him in the comments and I'll consider adding him to the next voting block. And if Jerel McNeal happens to make his way onto a vote, well then I'm just not sure what to say about it.

Here we go: Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore, Victor Oladipo, Otto Porter, Anthony Bennett.

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