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2013 NBA Mock Draft: Experts Have Sixers Going Big

Now that they have the 11th pick, we can start scheming ways for them to get the hell out of there.


Last night's Draft Lottery was the equivalent of a Dan Brown book. You pretty much knew what you were going to get, but there was some small part of you -- maybe like 2.9% of you -- that hoped it would lift itself out of the mediocrity, and a bigger part of you that worried it would be worse. But in the end, Majority, and O'Doyle, rules, and the Sixers will go into the NBA Draft slotted with the 11th overall pick.

And now, we enter a phase that we in the biz call "Oh My God Seriously Another Mock Draft?" Experts and people who breathe with their mouths will be submitting countless mock drafts between now and June 27th. We'll report some of them back to you when we feel like it. But keep in mind that the Sixers are run by Sam "Hot Pants" Hinkie. He don't like to stay still for too long -- I do not believe the Sixers will simply make their three picks (11, 35, 42) and be on their way.

But for now, here are the updated NBA Mock Drafts that currently have the Sixers going with a big man because apparently Spencer Hawes, Kwame Brown, Lavoy Allen, and Andrew Bynum's expiring contract don't seem to cut it.


DX doesn't take their mock too seriously until later in the draft process, but now that individual team needs are finally being considered, this is worth looking at. Givony has Rudy Gobert going the pick before and the Sixers opting for Zeller over Kelly Olynyk and Mason Plumlee.


Mannix has Zeller going to the Kings at 7 and Alex Len falling to 10 for the Blazers. Here's what he had to say about it.

"With the future of Andrew Bynum in doubt and with a hole at the power forward spot, the Sixers badly need frontcourt help. There are questions about Olynyk's strength and concerns about how, after three years at Gonzaga, he will match up with bigger, more physical defenders. But there is no denying Olynyk's offensive skills. He has a variety of moves in the post and at the combine showcased guard-like shooting from the perimeter."

SB NATION - Rudy Gobert

Jonathan Tjarks has the Blazers opting for Cody Zeller with the pick before, which leaves the extremely long Frenchman for the Sixers at 11. Upside, baby. Nobody say Alexis Ajinca, please for the love of God. Here's Tjarks, whose opinion I trust, on Gobert.

"It's hard to get a feel for what direction new management will go in here. Do they go with a safe, low-ceiling pick or swing for the fences? Gobert, and his 7'9 wingspan, definitely falls into the second category."

NBA.COM - Mason Plumlee

There's our boy! He'd been dropping to the mid-late teens in most mocks, but, steadfast as ever, has the Sixers asking for just one serving of mashed potatoes, thank you very much. With Zeller gone, Howard-Cooper has the Sixers opting for ol' Plum Face instead of Olynyk and Gobert.

"The combination of a developing offensive game and already-there elite athleticism for a big man has turned the brother of Pacers rookie Miles Plumlee into a very solid choice late in the lottery."

CHAD FORD - Cody Zeller

If you've been doing the Lottery Generator with any regularity, you know Ford's had Zeller and the Sixers married like the couple who always want you to come over for game night if you bring a vegetable tray but without the ranch dip because ranch is too fatty and we're already having blueberry crumble for dessert. Ford, INSIDER ONLY BUT WHERE'S MY PROMO CODE, thinks they go Zeller even with the Shabazz Muhammad enigma still on the board.

CBS, MATT MOORE - Gorgui Dieng

More bigs! I don't buy Dieng having monster upside and I think this would be a reach, but I don't dislike Dieng in a vacuum.

"The Sixers need a big man with a pulse. Re-sign Bynum, don't re-sign Bynum they have to stop playing Thad Young at the four and relying on Spencer Hawes. Dieng gives them a high level big that can rebound with a monster upside."

Also,, who we don't particularly love or trust, has them going with Olynyk with Gobert and Shabazz still on the board.

It's mocking season!

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