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NBA Draft Lottery Results: Sixers Remain at 11th Pick

Guess they didn't WANT IT ENOUGH.

Try golf balls next time?
Try golf balls next time?
Scott Barbour

Despite our best efforts and Adam Aron's face, Lucy turned her nose at us and the Sixers did not move up into the Top 3 of the NBA Draft Lottery. They will remain Galadriel with the 11th pick in next month's draft. Not necessarily the worst thing with in the world with Sergeant Spreedsheet Sam Hinkie at the helm.

Congratulations to the three less-deserving teams for sneaking into the Top Three and out-tanking us all. Jerks. The odds weren't ever in our favor and I suppose the Hinkie hiring gives us our fill of Good Sixers News for the month year, but, ya know, luck and stuff would've been quite nice. Roy will have a full juicy report from the Lottery up tomorrow morning.

So we move forward with the 11th, 35th, and 42nd picks in the 2013 NBA Draft. I can guarantee we won't remain there. But since we've got just over a month before David Stern gives somebody a Sixers hat, it's time to seriously think about who we want.

Participation required:

1. Who do you want if they stay at 11?
2. Who is the top guy you'd trade up a few spots for?
3. Who would you want them to trade down to the early 20's and get?

Coaching search and all blah blah blah, but all eyes are on the draft. I don't care how terrible it is. We've got Hinkie. I'm confident.

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