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Toot It Or Boot It: Charles Jenkins

In this segment of the "toot it or boot it" series, we take a look at whether the 76ers should look to bring back Charles Jenkins.


In this segment of the "toot it or boot it" series, we'll take a look at the 76ers trade deadline acquisition: Charles Jenkins.

The good news is, the 76ers gave up virtually nothing to obtain Jenkins. The second round pick that they gave up to Golden State has protections on it (top 55 protected) that make it unlikely that the 76ers will ever give anything to Golden State. The trade was a salary dump for Golden State, pure and simple.

The bad news is that Jenkins has yet to show any real ability to be an efficient scorer in the NBA, which is troubling for someone whose only real role in this league would be to provide energy for a few minutes per game off the bench.

It's hard to really evaluate what Jenkins did after coming to the 76ers, as he played so infrequently (12 games, 12.5 minutes per game). Typically with these young, borderline, NBA players that's less of a concern, as what they do in practice is probably going to have as much if not more weight to the coaches confidence in their ability to fill a role down the line. The problem with that line of thought is that who had been watching him in practice is now gone.

I wrote before that Jenkins, who was an excellent three point shooter in college and also got to the line a ton, needed to find a way to translate those skill sets to the NBA if he wanted to be able to fill a role. He went on to attempt 0 three pointers and only 4 free throws in his 150 minutes with the 76ers.

While it would have been nice to have seen a little more of Jenkins in a 76ers uniform, the reality is he's a borderline NBA player. If he can extend his range out to the three point line (he's 4-22 for his career), he might be able to find time as a fringe rotational player.

I suppose if the 76ers bring him back on a minimum salary contract it won't be anything to be upset over. He has some latent scoring ability if he could just find a way to improve his shot distribution.

But the 76ers could really use a legitimate backup point guard, somebody who could hit a shot coming off of a pick, hit a catch and shoot three, move the ball and play solid defense. Jenkins excels at none of these. For that reason, I think the 76ers should part ways with Jenkins next season.

Verdict: Boot It.

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