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Sixers vs. Nets Game Thread: Where Nobody Wins and the Points Don't Matter

I'd rather watch Whose Line with just Drew Carey in studio than this game.

Bruce Bennett

Game 77

7:30 PM EST
Probable Starters
Jrue Holiday
PG Devin Harris Halfcourt Buzzer Beaters
Evan Turner SG Kerry Kittles
Four years, $30 million
SF Keith Van Horn
Thaddeus Young PF Clifford Robinson
Another year of him
C Yinka Dare
2011/12 Advanced Stats
90.8 (21)
Pace 88.5 (29)
101.9 (26)
ORtg 107.9 (8)
105.6 (15)
DRtg 106.3 (17)
Game Officials
Namond Brice
Randy Wagstaff
Dukie Weems

If Doug Collins plays Jrue more than like, 30 minutes, I will shove my whole leg in his mouth. There's absolutely no excuse for it. While I'd rather Doug just sit Jrue and Thad for the rest of the year, I don't expect him to do that. He won't tank. Fine. Ignore what is obviously best for the franchise because of your bullshit, old school, vague and misplaced pride. I've accepted that.

But if Jrue gets hurt because he's playing 38 minutes in a COMPLETELY WORTHLESS game in April, I will end you, Doug. You're 14 games under .500. Get over yourself, you useless turd.

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