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76ers Sunday Morning Shootaround: The Rumors Edition

In this week's edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, we take a trip with Evan Turner to the gun range, clear up a bunch of nagging rumors, and bring you an exclusive interview with future Sixers' GM Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo.



This picture is the result of Evan Turner's recent trip to the gun range, where his accuracy is reminiscent of Jrue Holiday's shooting performance on the court over the past three games.

I could make PLENTY of jokes about the Sixers and their poor shooting, or I could just post a few comments that people left on the picture.

  • @evanalmighty12 I wasn't too bad
  • @rick_roth56 That sh-- don't matter as long as you keep getting dem BUCKKETTSSS it's cool
  • @itsmesweat I wish u shot like this on the court DOUCHBAG
  • @swaggyp1 U not Gangsta lol
  • @ebekas3 @evanalmighty12 Just like your jumper it's good ... Sometimes lol
  • @matthewsylvester U from the Chi that's supposed to be bulls-eye every time:-)
  • @k_stax Get out da range n get in da Gym homie. I told da whole city u was gon be special when we drafted u. Make me look right lol


Swaggy P with the Swaggy 3?? I can't...

Boston Celtics' guard Jason Terry: What's your reaction to the lame tweet that the Sixers posted the other night?





In case you were wondering, Kwame Brown just wants you to... pay no attention to the rumors. What rumors, you say? Well, I'm glad you asked:

  • Any thought that Kwame really doesn't want to play down the stretch and is happy just collecting a paycheck.
  • That the new XBox (codenamed XBox 720) will be "always on."
  • Any scuttlebutt surrounding Sting's possible appearance at Wrestlemania XXX
  • Fleetwood Mac's iconic "Rumours" album.
  • That this shirt is part of a leftover costume from the Jay-Z/Kanye West "Watch The Throne" tour.
  • The whole Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith "open marriage" thing.



This baby is too young to talk, but his eyes say it all. And like most children, this one has plenty of questions. Evan Turner - you're on the hot seat...

  • How is it that both you and Paul Pierce are unable to grow facial hair?
  • Why is Spencer Hawes wearing a Dipset shirt and throwing up the "shocker" sign in this photo?
  • Is Andrew Bynum really hurt? For real, for real?
  • Why do they call you The Villain when the REAL bad guy on the Sixers is Doug Collins?
  • Li-Ning? Really? Li [redacted] Ning? You couldn't get an And1 deal?
  • Why did you wish The Notorious B.I.G. a 'Happy Birthday' on the anniversary of his death?
  • Nas or Jay-Z?
  • You really don't want to be in Philadelphia any more, do you?


Michigan State alum Jason Richardson lost a friendly wager with J.J. Redick and was forced to wear a Duke sweatshirt per the terms of their bet. After taking a picture of said sweatsuit, he burned the outfit in his backyard firepit.

Unfortunately for Sixers' fans, J-Rich's contract is flame retardant.



It says something when the man in this picture best equipped to be the general manager of an NBA franchise is Dikembe Mutombo. There's no reason to believe that he's lobbying for such a gig, but Liberty Ballers was able to gauge his interest in an exclusive interview prior to the Sixers/Hawks game last week:

Liberty Ballers: At this point in the season, the Sixers have little to gain from winning games. If you were a member of the team's front office, would you want the team to beat the Hawks tonight?

Dikembe Mutombo: No, no, no... not today!

LB: There are some rumblings that the Sixers may offer Andrew Bynum a contract this summer. Would you consider signing Bynum if it was your decision to make?

DM: Not in my house!

LB: Would you have re-signed Spencer Hawes to a two-year deal?

DM: (wags finger menacingly)

LB: What about Kwame Brown? Would you have brought him in---

DM: (slaps digital recorder out of reporter's hand, runs away)

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