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Heat 106, Sixers 87: Immediate Reaction Thread

Hanging in there for three and a half quarters doesn't feel as good when you lose by 19.

No Dwyane Wade, no Chris Bosh, only limited LeBron James, but the Heat did the best they could with what they had. And that best was good enough to take care of the Sixers by a score of 106-87.

To their credit, the sinners in the hands of an angry Giant Tanking Octopus recovered from a 33-18 deficit after the first quarter to outscore the Heat 28-17 in the second quarter. They stayed in contact with Miami throughout the third quarter, but that's when the Heat stopped mailing the game in.

This was a contest between two teams for whom wins and losses matter almost not at all at this point of the season, and the play was a little slow and lackadaisical for the first three quarters, but to start the fourth quarter, Miami started trying again. Rashard Lewis hit two three-pointers early on, and from there the Heat pulled away to win.

LeBron coasted to 27 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists on 12-of-17 shooting in 29 minutes, and watching the game, one gets the impression that he scored precisely as many points as he could be bothered to.

Jrue Holiday kinda broke out of his shooting slump, going 7-for-17 in 39 minutes but shooting 3-for-4 from beyond the arc.

There will be more to come, but for now, feel free to react immediately.

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