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Sixers vs. Heat Game Thread: The Christmas Turkey

Ha! It's 76ers game 76!



April 3, 2013
American Airlines Arena
7:30 EDT
Comcast SportsNet, ESPN
Mario Chalmers PG Jrue Holiday
Probably Not Dwyane Wade SG Evan Turner
Probably Not LeBron James SF Damien Wilkins
Udonis Haslem PF Thaddeus Young
Not Chris Bosht C Spencer Hawes
92.5 (25th) PACE 93.2 (22nd)
110.5 (1st) ORTG 99.2 (27th)
100.6 (23rd) DRTG 103.0 (16th)
Jim Lovell
Fred Haise
Jack Swigert

I was trying to come up with a cute alternative nickname for the Miami Heat, and I thought of "Hots," which made me think of "Hottentots," which is totally not an okay thing to say. I took a political theory class where we essentially read the biggest book by about a dozen giants of political philosophy before the 20th Century, from Mencius to Karl Marx or so. Anyway, the copy of Rousseau's The Social Contract that I had contained an appendix that was a lengthy discussion of "Hottentots." I don't remember what was said about them, or really, even much of what Rousseau was on about himself, because I was so shocked by how often the word "Hottentot" was used in a work of political philosophy. This has absolutely nothing to do with basketball, but it fills space.

If you want the Miami perspecitve, visit Hot Hot Hoops, whose game thread (near as I can tell) is not being curated by the exquisitely named Diego Quezada tonight.

Othwerise, the comments are all yours.

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