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Final Score: Sixers beat Hawks, 101-90 - Immediate Reaction Thread

They won it for Pride.


Rejoice, all ye anti-tankers. The Sixers played hard (for PRIDE!) and defeated the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night.

The Sixers got off to a fast start in Hotlanta, shooting 73% from the field and scoring a season high 40 points in the first quarter. The Hawks used the second quarter to close the gap a little as the Sixers shooting percentage cooled off. By the end of the first half, the Sixers led 58-45.

"Highlights" from the first half included Josh Smith dunking over Thaddeus Young, a couple, Justin Holiday making a couple shots, Jrue Holiday airballing a free throw, Shelvin Mack making an appearance for the Hawks and reminding us he's still in the NBA, and me eating a pear.

The second half started with another burst from the Sixers, extending their lead to 19 points halfway through the 3rd. From there, the Sixers never looked back. The Hawks never seriously threatened the lead for the remainder of the game.

The Sixers were paced by Evan Turner (24 points, 11 rebs), Spencer Hawes (19 points, 12 rebs) and Thaddeus Young (14 points, 11 rebs).

Hawks leaders included Al Horford (18 points, 11 rebs) and Josh Smith (19 points).

Use this thread to express your immediate reactions to the game.

Full recap will be up tomorrow morning.

Atlanta Hawks SBN blog - Peachtree Hoops

FINAL SCORE 1 2 3 4 Total
Philadelphia 76ers 40 18 25 18 101
Atlanta Hawks 26 19 20 25 90


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