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Jrue Holiday Shot 2-24 Against the Bobcats, And That's Cool

And what's cooler than being cool?

He missed.
He missed.
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Yes. Jrue Holiday played basketball last night. He didn't play all that well, to say the least, but it was most definitely basketball. He took 24 shots and made two of them. If you hadn't seen the game and you asked some random dude who only had nubs for hands -- no fingers -- he'd still be able to indicate how many baskets Jrue made last night against the Bobcats.

That in itself isn't excellent. Our boy Andrew Unterberger at The 700 Level did the heavy lifting here to find some statistical funnies about Jrue's horrendous night. And yeah, it is concerning that Jrue's efficiency stats have been going down and down and down as Rich tweeted last night. And sure, these were the Bobcats.

But I kinda love that he kept shooting. Jrue isn't Iverson. He's not Monta. He's not going to chuck up terrible shots each game that kills the offense. He's usually going to pick his spots and attack. Even when he settles for the dreaded long two, he's just under a 40% shooter from out there for his career, which isn't bad (though the shot itself obviously is).

There are bad nights. There are off nights. And there are nights where your village gets plundered by pirate lepers who take everything but your Spice Girls CD's because you had two Spice Girls CD's hidden and now that's all you've got. The last one was Jrue's game against the Bobcats.

Point is: I'm glad he kept shooting. The shots will fall. And once the team gets a superstar (HA.), I'm actually more confident today than yesterday that Jrue Holiday will serve as a Championship-level second option. It's intangible. It's probably faulty logic. But in this Sixers season where things have gotten to the point where I've grown a mustache and named it Sixers for how terrible it is, I'll come to my own vague conclusions about whatever I want.

Especially after a beautiful tanking loss to the Bobcats. Don't worry about Jrue or really anyone. This team is playing out the string and individual performances (save the inevitable Damien Wilkins contract) don't matter.

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