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Your Sunday NBA Playoffs Thread Still Without Any Sixers

Is it normal to want to fap for the entire duration of Rockets-Thunder?

"I'm no longer Sixers head coach why do I still have to listen to Dei Lynam?"
"I'm no longer Sixers head coach why do I still have to listen to Dei Lynam?"

So this is what actual basketball looks like omg you guys this is fun and exciting and I hardly recognize it from whatever it was the Sixers tried to do for 82 games this season. I think I like these so-called playoffs, and this sport of basketball is kind of neat after all. Who would have thought?

The first game on tap, starting at 1:00, will feature a familiar face, and I am not talking about the injured Lou Williams. I'm talking about TNT sideline reporter Dei Lynam! She'll fit in perfectly with the Hawks-Pacers series, and it won't be because she has ties to any of them. When you think Dei Lynam, you think Hawks-Pacers. And when you think Hawks-Pacers, you think Dei Lynam. Joining Dei on TNT will be annoying Toronto Raptors play-by-play guy Matt Devlin and Mike Fratello in the booth. If you are looking for commentary on these teams on SB Nation, check out Peachtree Hoops (ATL) and Indy Cornrows (IND). #PlayoffsTalk.

After your two and a half hour nap, you will awaken to the media's favorite drama of the 2012-13 NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers. Unfortunately, the Lakers will be without Kobe Bryant, taking with him probably any chance LA would have had at pulling the upset. But this should still be a fun series, and after Hawks-Pacers, this might even look like Warriors-Nuggets. The game will be broadcast on ABC with Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy on commentary and Heather Cox will be reporting. Check out Silver Screen and Roll (LAL) and the Spencer Hawes loving Pounding The Rock (SA).

Take an hour for a nice dinner then join us as we watch the sequel to Sixers Down Thirty, Bucks Down Thirty (In The First Half). The Miami Heat are one of the best teams in basketball. The Bucks are a below .500 mess. As lobsided as this series is going to be, is there any doubt that Monta Ellis will BOSS the Bucks to at the very least one close game this series? Not because he's good at basketball, but if there is one thing I know for certain, the NBA will find a way to troll Liberty Ballers. Just look at Andre Miller yesterday. This game will be seen on TNT with Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller commentating and Craig Sager reporting. Check out Brew Hoop (MIL) and Hot Hot Hoops (MIA).

And finally to close off the night, your wet dream and mine, Rockets vs. Thunder! It is a shame the Rockets do not match up great with the Thunder because the basketball that will be played in this series promises to be more fun than a fun. concert. Then again, I suppose you could say that about Hawks-Pacers. But nonetheless, my pants are unzipping themselves just thinking about this series. I've got lube prepared, and I'm not talking about Andrew Bynum's knee lube. Criminally underrated play-by-play man Ian Eagle and Greg Anthony will be on the mic for this one on TNT, with normal CBS college sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson reporting because let's face it, TNT flat-out ran out of bodies this year. Check out The Dream Shake (HOU) and Welcome to Loud City (OKC)

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